Sun Valley 2009 Wellness Festival Concert featuring Toni Childs

Sunday, May 24 at 7:30 PM Toni Childs will perform at the Sun Valley Pavilion as part of the Sun Valley Wellness Festival.

Toni Childs Toni Childs, who most recently performed at two of President Obama’s Inaugural Balls, will be performing at the Sun Valley Pavilion. Toni’s debut album, Union, earned her Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. The New York Times called Childs “one of the most promising among a new generation of composers and performers.” Her first tour was opening for Bob Dylan. Toni’s most recent album, The Woman’s Boat, earned Toni her third Grammy nomination, for Best Female Rock Performance. Her music is deeply soulful and heart awakening. It comes from her personal and spiritual healing and transformation, and from her deep devotion to Mother Earth. She is much more than a "rock star"… people have compared her performances to the "heart-opening" music of Deva Prem.

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