Night Skier and Hiker Safety

Skin it! No, not talking about personalizing your gadgets – Winch Cat operator Kevin Klepser takes you out for a night grooming session on Bald Mtn. to discuss night skier & hiker safety. As days get longer, more and more people choose to climb up Baldy on skis or snowshoes – here’s a video with couple of tips on how to make it an enjoyable and safe experience.

In addition to walking through Winch Cat operating protocol, Kevin shares some of the grooming hot spots (where skiers & hikers should be extra alert) and discuses the dangers of the assisted cables and their movements on various terrain. This is a must-watch segment for anyone planning some night skiing or hiking. Remember to wear reflective clothing and check for signs & lights!

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  • Glenn

    great video- is there a preferred path for us to climb top the top in the early evening (and then ski back down)?

    I’ve been skinning up Lower River to the Hershey Highway to Lower College to College and then skiing the same way back down. Is this the least conflictive with cat operations?

  • joeyf

    wow are you kidding me??….with all the other terrain available people want to go up Baldy and play with the cats in the dark.

  • Larry

    Why do you not have a trail map??

    I now know that you have a gondola, but no idea of the start/stop location.

  • Julius Mojzisek

    Hi Larry, we do and it’s here – check it out:
    Sun Valley Winter Map
    Interactive map will be updated on the website to include the new gondola when it’s open to general public.