Bald Mountain Riding Conditions on April 4, 2009

Today’s video is mostly from an area of Bald Mountain which is closing tomorrow, Sunday April 5, 2009. Seattle Ridge slopes, restaurant and chairs #12 (Seattle Ridge), #14 (Mayday) and #4 (Cold Springs) are closing for the season at the end of the day so get out there and enjoy fine spring skiing!

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  • marcia rankin

    great day in the bowls. I can’t believe with all of that snow that they couldn’t leave mayday chair running. sad.

  • skiier

    Unfortunately we all know its not about the snow but the profitability of an unprofitable business. The mtn could likely be open at least another 3 weeks, but it would ‘only’ be the people that live here, who ‘already paid’ for passes that would be skiing. Unless they marketed fun events, competitions (hot doggin, costume contest, ski across warm springs, anyone?) to actually bring in a fun crowd and make money! (Sun Valley: hint? come on!)