Snowmaking has begun on Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain!!

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  • sho

    Yay!!! I’m so anxious to be there :)!!!

  • t-balls


  • Geezbolt

    Love it! The snowmakers do a great job.

  • hawk

    ready to make the drive up from so cal

  • admin

    @ Geezbolt – we agree and we’ll make sure our snowmaking guys hear this
    @ hawk – awesome, looking forward to having you over here!

  • Dollarjohn

    I just love seeing the hillside turn white, and especially when the boys are out there making it themselves! Why wait for Mother Nature when you have that technology? Can’t wait to see the New SPT terrain park, and the newly rebuilt tubing park.

  • Geezbolt

    I noticed the new fan guns are going on the Warm Springs half pipe this morning. It’s 14 degrees right now and it looks like the crews had good snowmaking weather last night.

  • Dollarjohn

    We saw about 30 people out on Dollar last weekend riding their own rails… Pulled up in their trucks, broke out the rails and had at it in the sunshine. It’s nice to see some energy and interest in the sport again, just like th old days when we all would hike for the early turn or two between the rocks…I’ve been told we’ll have some of the SPT rails and boxes in place for Thanksgiving too… Can’t wait to see that!

  • snowmaking

    @ Geezbolt – Yes, we’re just getting those new fans spun up over on the pipe. So far, so good (and so cold). Dollar has some new fans too this season, they seem to be doing pretty well.

  • Carol

    Can anyone describe the “new SPT terrain park” referred to in DollarJohn’s comment? Like where it’s going to be and what will it have? I remember there had been a plan to put one near Janss Pass. Is that happening? If so when’s it supposed to be done? My kids snow board and as much as I love SV I have to apologize every year for the lack of a state-of-the-art terrain park.

    Hopefully SV has caught on to the fact that many skiers have kids who snow board and it makes for a much happier family vacation is everybody is happy.

  • Jack Sibbach

    SPT is working on the layout. Terrain park in old bowl and a progression park on half dollar face. We should have a conceptual plan by winter expo if not sooner.
    hope this answers your question

  • Dollarjohn

    Can’t wait to see it. And we all know that SPT builds the best parks around so it will be truly first class. First time ever around here!

  • Carol

    Yes!! Yes I agree we can’t wait for this. We skiers LOVE Sun Valley and are happy they are finally coming around to the snow boarders in our families!!! Thanks for answering Jack- so just to clarify…
    1) The terrain park’s going to be on Dollar not Baldy
    2) Concepts are starting this winter so it may be built by next winter?
    3) Will any elements of a terrain park remain on Baldy?
    4) Where is “Old Bowl”?

  • asforhim

    I don’t see any fans on warm springs???

  • Geezbolt

    asforhim — Just looked and one of the fan guns is going on the half-pipe right now (10:50 MDT).

  • Carol

    Can anybody answer this question:

    Is the new terrain park by Snow Park Technologies happening this season or next?

  • Kate Randall

    Hi Carol,
    Yes, Sun Valley Resort has contracted with Snow Park Technologies to build a terrain park on Dollar Mountain that we are planning to open this year 2009, before the Christmas holiday. We are also planning to have the Superpipe open on the Warm Springs side of Baldy by Christmas. At this time we haven’t decided on other terrain features near the Superpipe. There will be a small demo jib park built at the base of River Run for the Gondola Ganza on November 21 and that small park will remain there until at least the Dollar Mountain terrain park is completed.