World Class Terrain Park Makes Its Mark on Dollar

We never thought that this day would come, but today was the limited opening and testing of the new terrain park on Dollar built buy SPT. Local athletes Tai Barrymore, Colter Brehmer, Mal Prior, Chase Josey, and Conor Davis met at 8:00 this morning to get to know/test the park and give some feedback. Everyone seemed super stoked just to even have a park, and to have one of this caliber was icing on the cake, lots of icing. So far, the park features include ten rails/boxes, smaller progressive jumps to learn on, and two big kickers. The  kickers are about 45ft from the lip to the knuckle and the landings continue for about another 100+ft, making huge airs possible. The park will officially open to the public tomorrow so grab your gear and head over to Dollar!

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

“Don’t be fooled by the snow report because the skiing in Sun Valley is amazing right now. The snow making has been off the charts this year as we opened on Thanksgiving day with 3,000 foot vertical runs from top to bottom runs on both River Run and Warm Springs sides. I’m super impressed with the new management (at Sun Valley Company) and their commitment and willingness to improve the facilities. The super pipe will be open prior to Christmas and the new Gondola is top notch. I’ve been skiing every morning and racking up 30,000 vertical feet before noon. There is no place I would rather start the season than right here at home, getting my legs strong…”

Reggie Crist

1992 U.S. Olympic Team