It’s Always Sunny in Sun Valley Episode Two

Mark Oliver does it again with the second installment of his video series, “It’s Always Sunny in Sun Valley”. This time featuring local riders like Wyatt and Yancy Caldwell, A.J. Ogden, Josh Keefer, and Olympian Graham Watanabe. Check it out here.

It’s Always Sunny in Sun Valley Episode 2 from Mark Oliver on Vimeo.

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  • bumVSmtn

    so good.

  • Local HS senior

    Beav always makes the best edits. I actually rode up the lift on Baldy today with Wyatt and Yancy, only knew it was them because they were talking about this video briefly.
    It’s weird how the only tags for the video are Baldy and skiing, when neither is featured in this video.

  • admin