More runs open on Baldy

Three more runs will open on Baldy Friday, December 11, 2009. Ridge, Blue Grouse and Lower College will be added to Baldy’s open terrain.
The next day, Saturday, December 12 Dollar Mountain and Carol’s Dollar Mountain Lodge will re-open on a daily basis for the season.
Mountain reports are weather dependent and subject to change. Please check updated mountain report on our website or call the hotline 800-635-4150.

  • John Flattery

    River Run Lodge: I suggest that there be a pathway created among the outside tables and chairs to the Gondola to allow access from the locker rooms at Pete Lanes. Also move the ski racks in front of River Run Lodge farther west to eliminate congestion in the access area of the Gondola. Next week it will be a disaster as presently configured. Thanks John Flattery