New Terrain Opening Friday!

Now that Sun Valley has been officially open for a full seven days, the community continues to be amped for the 2009/2010 ski season. Rumors of snow for the weekend are flying. New skis are getting waxed. There are smiles ear-to-ear has Sun Valley can currently boast some of the most open vertical in the country. Apple’s Bar and Grill at Warm Springs is packed each afternoon. The sun in shining and the skiing is good. Fondue at Averell’s in the Roundhouse is a big hit. The Crist Brothers showed off their sweet new trailer and new Eddie Bauer gear. Quads are burning as skiers and boarders carve turns on favorites like Lower Warm Springs and Flying Squirrel. The gondola proves to be a savior of freezing fingers and toes on cold days like Wednesday. Irving’s hot dogs are being served hot. Ski and snowboard team kids are heading up the hill in the afternoons.  Competitions are being held for the most Upper College laps. And starting Friday, Sun Valley is opening more terrain.

Friday, December 4th, Roundhouse Slope and Canyon will open on the River Run Side. This doubles your options, joining Mid and Lower River as trails to get you down to River Run Plaza. Roundhouse Slope also gives you the ability to take off straight from Averell’s Bar.

Saturday, Warm Springs top to bottom will open.  This also allows more space for the masses who will undoubtedly hit the slopes this weekend, taking advantage of Mt. Baldy’s massive amount of open vertical.

So let’s all pray for snow this weekend and if good ole’ Ullr doesn’t come through this time, head up and enjoy the newly opened terrain on both sides.

  • Barry Luboviski

    How about opening Lookout so all River Run side runs don’t have to include Lower River?

  • Wayne the Brain

    Blow some snow on Gun Tower–Lets get Seattle into the mix!


    I agree with Brian, you need to open Lookout Express lift #5 so we don’t have to go all the way to the bottom, take our stuff off, and climb into the gondola every time we want to go farther down than college on River Run side. I’m glad you at least opened warm spring top to bottom so we could go down that side a lot and not take our stuff off at the bottom.