Olympic Hopeful and Local, Langely McNeal, and Five Things She Loves About Sun Valley

Part of a generation of kids born and raised in the Ketchum/Sun Valley area, Langely McNeal, has had skis on her feet since she could walk. For her, Sun Valley is home and Baldy holds a special place in her heart. And now, for the past few years she has been training to get closer and closer to every skier’s dream, the Olympics.

Langely is one of two American women in the hunt for the Vancouver Games in the new event, SkiCross. Much like a motocross race on skis, with all the bumping, pushing and crashing, SkiCross is fast, furious, and terrifying. But anyone who has seen Langely on the hill knows this ball of fire can definitely hang. Langely, who still calls Sun Valley home and trains on Baldy, is a member of the US Ski Team’s SkiCross team (part of the US Freestyle team) and a member of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation’s Olympic Development Team. As the top ranked US woman in SkiCross and with support from the SVSEF and the US Ski Team, Langely will be traveling to Europe to compete in several qualifying races in hopes of earning herself a spot in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Keep an eye out for our local girl and check out the five things she loves about Sun Valley below.

5 Things I Love about Sun Valley

1. The steep terrain on Baldy that feeds right into the non-existent lift lines.

2. The feel of carving a ski on the perfectly groomed runs, then having hot chocolate and whip cream at Warm Springs Lodge.

3. Being able to walk out my front door with a mountain bike, road bike, running shoes, whatever, and knowing I’ll be able to find some sweet trail in any direction.

4. The people, hands down. So many great personalities in our valley and amazing friends that you can’t find anywhere else.

5. The ridiculous amount of sunshine we see all year round… so spoiled!


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  • rob bozzuto

    Congrats Whiz and Bev! That’s great I hope shes the next local Olympic hopeful.

  • Uncle Monkeyhead


    You forgot one thing about Sun Valley that makes it soooo special…GRUMPYs!!!! We love you Lange. Good luck and Godspeed.

  • Dorris McNeal

    Hey, you crazy girl from your loving grandma! You know I wish you all the best skiing in the world with no problems, all perfect, as usual!! I love you. Keep the faith, Grams

  • Trina

    You go girl! We’re behind you all the way. XOXO

  • Larry and Meg Eaton

    Langely, We’re your grandmother’s biggest fans so it only makes sense that now we’re yours too. We’re watching and hoping from afar. With those McNeal genes you’ll always be a winner through and through.

  • Barb Neiwert

    Awesome news! Go, Langely!!! You have more people in your cheering section than you know.

  • Steve & Cin

    Thatta girl, Lang, tear it up!

  • Kate Dondero

    If I could be one person for a day, it would be you Lange Dogg! We all love you and are soo proud, go get ‘em!

  • C Fitch

    Such a babe,… soon to be a golden babe!