Ski Patrol Mountain Update – Dec 9

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  • John

    Thanks for the update, but how about telling us about actual skiing on the mountain (or snowmaking, or plans for opening terrain), instead of an advertisement for a restaurant, two websites, and a bar. The little bit of weather was nice, though — excited to see new snow on the way.

  • Julius Mojzisek

    John, that’s exactly what we need to hear – the things you’d like to see/hear in our updates. Let me talk to our Ski Patrol guys about the content we ought to report on. Thanks!

  • Bryant Dunn

    John- Very good call… The skiing on Baldy is almost entirely groomed manmade with natural mixed in making for excellent carving conditions. It has been cold as of late which has kept a few skiers away leaving the slopes wide open. You’ll definitely want to have sharp edges but as I said in the report, new snow is coming which will soften things up significantly as well as bring along a significant temperature increase to make skiing more comfortable. Hope to see you on the hill. BD

  • Frank

    What a useless report. OK, briefly mention the gondola since Sun Valley is using it as an advertising tool, but what about snowmaking progress? Opening Seattle Ridge anytime soon? Considering visiting for week before christmas but have no idea if any additional terrain will be open by then. I would be much more inclined to visit if I knew Seattle Ridge would be open. Who cares about the gondola? It’s just another way to get to the terrain….that I know nothing about.

  • Diane-Florida

    Or perhaps an equivalent video update on Sun Valley Resort activities, sites and sounds showcasing amenities, seasonal activities, improvements, etc. especially through the holidays when there is so much going on. Could eventually serve as a promotional piece for the 2010-2011 season. May I also suggest a place on the website where visitors can upload photos, videos, etc. Other ski resorts have that feature as well. Looking forward to our upcoming visit!

  • Julius Mojzisek

    Diane, last year we had video showing with Christmas events and activities narrated by John Mauldin, our Entertainment Director – maybe we should something similar this year.
    We also have accumulated new video footage over past couple of seasons with various activities, I’ll be working on a new version of Sun Valley’s promo piece in next couple of weeks – thanks for bringing that up; we ought to do something up-to-date, showing all we already had and new exciting additions built (Pavilion, Clubhouse, gondola etc.)
    As far as the user submitted content (photos/video) goes – you can do so already on our Facebook page ( We’d love to see that.
    I can’t reveal much else at the moment but we have something else coming your way :)

  • bumVSmtn


    If your dept is putting anything together for mountain biking, please refer to Steve Ferguson’s footage of myself, Sean MacEntee, Danny Walton, Caleb Baukol, Annie Byerly, and Cory Bellinger that was filmed over the last two summers.

    The current media used to promote our lift-accessed biking is going to get someone killed.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions related to mountain biking on Baldy.

    Julian Tyo

  • Julius Mojzisek

    we’ve already used some of the footage on our info plasma screens throughout the resort in summer. You have a good point with the old stuff we’ve had running, it’s not good. I’ve sorted thru lots of hours of footage I’ve gotten from Steve and have the best shots set aside. Some are really good and do Baldy and mountain biking justice.
    Cheers and thanks, Julius