Ski Patrol Update 12/30/2009 – 1/5/2010

Snow Safety Assistant Bryant Dunn updates us on the latest mountain conditions.

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    Who is this Joker? And how many times can he say Sun Valley?

  • admin

    It’s Sun Valley Ski Patrol Snow Safety Assistant, Bryant Dunn.

  • svskiteamcoach

    this is such a joke, all he does is state the obvious and sugarcoat the snow situation, if the bowls arnt open by christmas its a bad thing and stop fake smiling its sickening

  • SV Snowboarder

    I don’t see the report on my BB — only the critiques! It’s actually fun up here but certainly one or two major snow events are needed.

  • Nick, Adaptive Ski Inst., Crystal Mt

    Ski Area Management has relied upon sugar coatings for for 50 years. In that time period, the sport has slipped from slow growth to no growth to decline. I’m not sure if there is a correlation. Uncle Bryant is just following the established paradigm. It may help keep the lift lines short.