Sun Valley’s First Big Powder Day of the 2009/2010 Season!


It might have come a little early for Christmas and it might not be the six feet that Valdez, Alaska got last week, but whoever doesn’t believe in Santa Claus didn’t wake up this morning to their car looking like this. Cheers to Sun Valley’s first big storm! Five inches over last night and today! Were you out there soaking wet, covered in snow, with thighs burning on our first day of powder too?

  • scotty

    5 inches. Really thats a big powder day.

  • Karl Johan Uri

    I think the 17″ in October was our first big powder day of the season.

  • kskier

    why complain about snow? like it says, it may not be the 6 feet that valdez has or the multiple feet utah has, but snow is snow. i skied today and im not complaining. im just glad we now have had a bigger one than that one in october.

  • Kirby

    As a snowmaker for Sun Valley I would just like to say that when this warmer, stormy weather begins to clear up and become colder, we will still be doing our best to make snow whenever we can. Keep it up guys! The park at Dollar is sick!!!

  • Karl Johan Uri

    No complaints here I think it is awesome and I can’t wait to get over to enjoy my favorite mountain. And you are right Dollar looks awesome these days. Congrats SVC.