Terrain Park Opening Saturday!

Sun Valley’s killer new Snow Park Technologies-designed terrain park on Dollar Mountain is opening in a matter of days. Complete with a huge jump line down Old Bowl and 12 new rails, boxes, and jibs, this is one of the biggest things Sun Valley has ever seen.

The boxes and other features have been in the works for weeks now, with some of the most legit terrain park experts in the country coming to put them together, even installing them on Lower River Run for the beginning of the season. Painted with Sun Valley’s signature blue and sun emblem, boarders, park rats, skiers, and even telemarkers have been stoked to practice and hone their skills on Lower River Run since Opening Day. Snow Park Technologies cat driver, Corley Howard, one of the best cat drivers in the world has been around town for the past few weeks, helping Sun Valley and new park manager, Brian Callahan, get ready for the opening of the new park. Callahan has recently been brought over from terrain park central, Breckenridge, CO, and is amped for the terrain park to get open and for the word to get out. His goal, he says, for the next few years is to get Sun Valley on top in terms of terrain parks and features.

Starting this Saturday, December 19th, the entirety of Dollar’s new park, with ALL the rails, the HUGE jump line, and the rest of the features being added to the park’s arsenal will open. Head over there early to be first in line at the Hip or check out the skills of some of the Valley’s best athletes flying off the true tables and gap jumps around the new park.

Also opening Saturday is Baldy’s 18-foot Superpipe and Dollar’s revamped tubing park. Check out Snow Park Technologies’ website for more about what they are doing in the ski/snowboard industry (www.snowparktech.com). Here are some pics of the park in progress over the past weekend.



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  • bumVSmtn

    keep it coming!

  • Frank

    Love the youth movement and enthusiasm, but I hope Sun Valley doesn’t lose sight of its core… GREAT SKIING! There seems to be a real push to get terrain park and super pipe open but no real interest in getting seattle ridge or other terrain on baldy open. What gives?

  • KSA

    One word, Exposure!! As someone who has been waiting for this for a long time I am stoked to see a priority shift at Sun Valley Company.

  • Big T

    what happened to putting the park on lower Greyhawk??

  • ski to die

    Lower greyhawk is the racing area ! Sub zero all the time . Love it or leave town !!!!!!

  • bumVSmtn

    Let’s not forget 4 year Sun Valley Terrain Park veteran and current Supervisor, Brendan Coyle, who worked with Snow Park Technologies pre-season to construct the rails and is currently training in a cat.

    Frank- Opening Seattle ridge has never been an early season priority, and shouldn’t have to be until enough of the holiday guests show up to justify it’s opening ($$$).

    Big T- My understanding is that there will be park on Warm Springs side later in the season, similar to previous years (anyone in Mt Dept care to comment?).

    Keep up the good work Sun Valley!

  • Twintipskier

    I am personaly stoked. I grew up in Boise and have been long awaiting Sun Valley to embrace the Park. They are truly a triple threat now, Great mountain, Nice pipe and from the looks of the above pics, Killer park!!! Also in responce to Franks comments, look at large resorts around the country, no one is suffering with the popularity of the park, great parks bring great exposure. Exposure for the mountain will open up funding for projects that are a benifit to all. Just my 2 cents :) Think Snow!!!

  • josh

    sun valley is makin a wise decision building up a sick park

  • Frank

    Like I said, I love the youth and enthusiasm about the new park. But as someone who grew up in the area and now lives away, so much of what draws guests is great terrain and SNOW/OPEN Terrain. Usually seattle ridge is not open this early in the season due to poor snow pack and warm temps, but this season the cold temps easily allowed its opening. Sun Valley should have put its energy in the park on dollar (as they did) and on opening more terrain on baldy (Seattle Ridge and possibly gulch). That way they get the exposure for the kiddos and draw in the parents who are fitting the bill…. just saying.

  • dollarjohn

    Nice photos… but no justice for the big one… 70 feet tall…70! Can’t wait. See you this weekend

  • Tim

    I am in mourning over the loss of Old Bowl as a perfect bowl ski run. It was my favorite run from the top of Dollar. I worry that Dollar & Elkhorn might lose more runs to terrain parks & pipes in the future. Dollar is where I go to have a lower key, quieter ski day, and as I age, I imagine I will frequent it more than Baldy. Now I imagine loud music and oblivious preteens running into me. But at the same time, I understand that skiing is a no-growth sport and that Sun Valley has to keep business alive by re-inventing the sport for youth. It has to survive through future generations. Thus, I hope all the fans of tricks and terrains really enjoy it. It will be fun to watch them riding up the Dollar quad. Then I’ll head to the quiet of the Elkhorn side and enjoy my gentle runs in the sun!

  • gortonator

    Hopefully Seattle Ridge will be open for Xmas crowds – 4 of us are heading up and the terrain there is perfect for my very intermediate sister.

    Anyone have any insights?

  • that one kid

    finally sun valley has pulled it together i can finally hit a jump instead of a dumb, not fun snowgun.

  • better than you, and snowboarding

    everyone in sun valley has their favorite run and spot that is why we all love it and all grew up here. lets get real with it. if you grew up here you realize there are over one hundred long good runs. Try hitting one of those table tops, if you make over alive, you’ll find the fun in it.
    seattle ridge is pretty weak, you live in sun valley and skied there the whole time? you missed all the other 80 percent of the goods. just like the original pipe on dollar after accepted it was taken to baldy so you can have old bowl back for your low scale powder hounding. Imagine a huge jump at the bottom of baldy, that would keep people drinking at the bottom.

  • Heng Meng

    Was it not enough that Sun Valley Co. so selfishly provided a halfpipe for the youth of Sun Valley. I mean really, of the 2,050 Acres of Bald Mtn. terrain did they really have to use 2 of those acres for a big hole in the ground? The edge of Lower Warm Springs was my area to pretend I was an Olympic Medalist in Super G. Each afternoon I would carelessly, with reckless abandon, carve turns at mach turbo pretending to be Body Miller.
    Now this dream of mine has been shattered because of a hole in the ground inhabited by miscreant teens mainlining Monster Energy drinks.

    If this wasn’t enough now Sun Valley Co is taking away my and Tim’s favorite bowl on Dollar. Where am I going to go now when I want to ski the bowl? It was the only Bowl in not only Sun Valley but also the entire continental U.S.. This Bowl is where Picabo Street trained day after day as a child so that one day she could win Olympic gold. I can’t understand for the life of me why Sun Valley would destroy such a monument.

    As for Sun Valley not opening Seattle Ridge before supplying the miscreant youth of this valley with a terrain park and halfpipe, I can’t understand it for the life of me. Whoever is in charge of marketing at Sun Valley company must not realize that there is no money in the sport of Freestyle skiing or snowboarding. If Sun Valley were smart they would get seattle ridge open soon so that my wife, Mildrid, and I can enjoy $9 cups of hot cocoa and practice our competitive tandem figure eights.

    It’s sad to see Sun Valley trying to move into this progressive state which will soon lead to its demise. The youth of this country will certainly lead our fine country down the drain. Look at what they did during the elections. See you on college guys.

  • M

    I love how there is so much talk about Seattle Ridge on here, or the loss of Old bowl. It such a non issue in the scheme of things. Its pretty funny people are on here complaining about that. Having a park means attracting the obvious “miscreant” youth???? (what a joke – weren’t we all there?). I think you will all be surprised with how little this really affects anyones everyday life who is against it (aside from the one person who’s favorite run was Old bowl, I think many will be happy with its new allocation). Know, that I grew up making my first turns on that run, and am happy to see it going to such a good use. I think anyone will find it amazing to be sitting on the Dollar chair going “oh my that was awesome” watching kids throw sevens over the 60 footers, and breaking your neck trying to turn around to see what they will do on the next hit… It will be a sight… And bottom line, it will attract families, kids, smiles, an amazing energy, and ultimately people who want to come to a resort that offers any skier of any ability a chance to test themselves anywhere including now terrain parks. It has long been the piece of the puzzle missing. I don’t know how many times I have heard Sun Valley built up with comments of amazing terrain, but soon criticized for its lack of a terrain park, and youthful energy. This coming not only from amazing skiers and snowboarders, but also among young families. Youthfulness, is what WE need, and the people we (as a resort community) NEED to attract. I love having short lift lines, and wide open corduroy, but lets face it even with a few more families, and a few more “miscreant youth”, there will still be MILES and MILES of it up there. Plus it may just centralize a lot of the freestyle kids to dollar (isn’t this ideal?). I have been launching of cat tracks and snowguns on Baldy for years waiting for this and think it is gret. Though I wish I could be on Baldy, I completely understand. I embrace a three minute lift line and the ability to showcase all of this on a place like Dollar. I think it will be on of the best places to come to to ride park. Like the one comment from Boise (BOISE) – we are now a triple threat – and he has been waiting for the day they do this. I think a lot of people are thinking this. Just the other day I ended up at river run, and the amount of young families just at the bottom, looking up at the kids shredding the mini park, laughing and smiling, It was a really great feeling, one though different – seemed warm and made me actually want to hang out at the bottom. This has been long awaited in Sun Valley, and I think it will prove itself an asset to revitalizing our community! Baldy, Dollar and the youth in all of us… Embrace it people!!! Good work Sun Valley keep it up!

    Pete Columbo killer work!!!

  • outlaw


    are you serious

  • Heng Meng

    No not at all.. that was laced with sarcasm if not completely a joke directed towards all the ney sayers out there. Beav.

  • bumVSmtn

    love the dialogue.

  • N>W>A

    To bad its expensive to get in here nooooooo:’(

  • J $

    100% bummer they couldn’t put together something actually on Baldy. These jumps do not belong on Dollar, keep the small mountain for beginners and first timers. Having younger teens/young adults full of spunky energy to jump up and down all day doesn’t seem to mix with the slow paced, sluggish actions of first time snow sliders. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to improve the main attraction BALDY, now free ride skiers have to stop skiing, take their boots off to drive safely, drive over to Dollar, find parking, then put their boots back on. What about wanting to hit the park then go shralp vertical runs then go hit the park, like any other ski resort. For example; PARK CITY, The Canyons, Mammoth, Northstar at Tahoe, the list goes on and on…

    I am not hating on the movement at all, if Sun Valley Company was not to support or start building these features they are going to be left behind. Look at any skiing magazine, many resorts specifically advertise their terrain parks to motivate families to ski and enjoy every aspect of skiing that there seems to be in this era.

    Overall stoked to see such perfect tables being constructed they look beautiful! Hopefully Sun Valley Co will realize how inconvenient and ill placed their current park is, its almost as thought Sun Valley CO can’t commit to leaving their old fart lifestyle behind and allow Baldy to be one of the best ski mountains in this country, instead they branch off to a smaller kid hill thinking this is a good idea… very sad.

    Heng Meng – Sarcasm on the internet is hard to achieve! haha but I fully agree with what you said!

  • bumVSmtn

    J $

    fear not, the company is in good hands and currently are years ahead of you.

    there’s only so much that can change in these early stages of renaissance, and putting a legit park on baldy was not a part of what appears to be phase one (think of the controversy!).

    go ride it this weekend and let all us in the blog community know what you thought of your experience- bring a camera while you’re at it!

    we’re all in this together.

  • outlaw

    A super park on lower college and all frenchmans in parks, pipes, and freestyle terrain is my dream.

    As a parent of teenage rippers and annual season pass holders we are not traveling this holiday to train in PC. This is much better for the valley in this tough economy and much more fun. The word is slowly getting out about the new Sun Valley.

    The new Sun Valley rocks.


  • M.

    Oh Hengel… I had no comment on all your sarcasm, in fact it was a reply to many above you… I knew there was no way you were serious… the 9 dollar coffee really put the nail in the coffin…
    haaaa… so sweet we are getting a park… bummer it is not on Baldy, but there is NO pitch anywhere for one… so I am stoked to see dollar and a three minute park lap…. think of it! so awesome!

  • Heng Meng

    Exactly M.. What are you complaining about J$? nothing will be good enough for people like you. Like M. said… three minutes to lap up a chair.

    Quit crying about taking off your boots to drive 2 miles across town in order to ride park. The lift ride is short not to mention passes are only $300 bucks for dollar. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. BumVS is right. eventually there will be a park on Baldy but until then learn to enjoy and except the status quo. J made of money super free-skier.

  • Brandon

    I think it’s important to note that Baldy is steep. Super steep runs don’t make good terrain parks. It’s incredibly difficult to find a length of run on Baldy where the pitch can accommodate a good terrain park. I don’t think its a matter of Sun Valley purposefully trying to separate the park from the Mountain – I’m sure Snow Park Technologies came in and surveyed where/how a park would fit on Baldy. And they chose Dollar, which I think is going to be awesome and it’s the ideal choice, if not the only real choice.

  • Bruce

    This is great news. You guys are the best!!! Now my teenage kids and their cousins can hang out on dollar at the terrain park — while us “old goats” can enjoy Baldy. For me, this has been a long time coming. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Carol

    Yay!!!! to Sun Valley!!! Yes we LOVE the skiing but we needed this terrain park badly. Many of us skiers have teenage kids who snowboard- so this latest development makes the entire family happy-happy- happy!!!!! Now they need to book some killer events with lots of PR showing crazy kids getting major air; the whole nine yards. How about getting the Winter X-Games in Sun Valley??? Why not shoot for the moon? Plus the added bonus and smart move that putting the teenagers on Dollar saves the parents major $$$$$. Woo-hoo is all I can say.

  • bumVSmtn


    think dew tour.

  • Deb

    Hey leave your boots on! River Run to Dollar- 15 MINUTES ON A FREE BUS!!! Saves gas, less traffic congestion, less hassle. Older kids could hop the bus over to Dollar, mom and dad could stay on Baldy. Check out the schedules on http://www.mountainrides.com. Come on people, let’s get it together.

  • hometownhero

    i am so excited. Thank you so much Sun Valley, I have been waiting YEARS for this. it is unbelievable to see this kind of effort being put into making a quality park! I can’t wait to be home for the holidays in a few days!!

  • OG

    As somebody who has been involved in the ski and snowboarding industry for the past 20+ years, I have quite a bit of experience with parks and park terrain. It is funny all of this excitement around Sun Valley finally getting a park. It may be too little too late. Twenty years ago, Whistler, Breckenridge, Mammoth, Telluride, Bear mountain and many others were dedicating significant terrain and effort into building parks. Funny – while these jumps look good, they are significantly less substantial than parks circa 1991 in all of those locations. Today, to really be in the game takes a real effort, not just a token nod to some rich guys kids.

    Sorry Sun Valley, but going to your hill is like traveling back into the era of straight skis, $40 lift tickets and ballet skiing. To make up 20 years of experience and effort by other mountains can be achieved more quickly, but the first step is dedicating real terrain on the mountain to it.

    If this were whistler, mammoth, Telluride or Aspen, the ENTIRE Seattle Ridge would be park terrain, and, no, doubt Sun Valley would start to put itself on the radar of skiing families with kids who love that terrain.

    That may seem like blasphemy to some, however, change is a constant in the ski and snowboaring industry – it is healthy and keeps the sports exciting.

    It is time for Sun Valley to jump in, not just put a toe in the water.

  • You guys are all dumb

    Sun Valley riders and skiers should be pumped on this new dedication to get a legitimate park and pipe rolling. If you don’t know where to start or how to do it right, what should you do? They hired SnowPark and B. Callahan to get out of the gate strong with what looks to be like a epic early season offering.
    This is the first step in a long process to grow Sun Valley into a top notch freestyle destination. All things take time and there will be complaints, conflicts and hassles. One thing is for sure, those jumps are legit on any front, especially seeing as how the landings are all long and wide, matching the take off angles. Sign of some serious craftsmanship and cat hours from Mr. Howard.
    This is the beginning, not the finish line. Take a deep breath and compare this to last year? Is the park already 10,000 times better? Will the resort continue to allocate resources, time and capital to develop and LEARN about freestyle terrain? Hell yeah. They hired SnowPark.
    Sun Valley has a great team of riders/skiers who have known all along what the mountain needed. Now is the time to be constructive and work really hard to help make it awesome, rather than bitch about other areas. Sun Valley isn’t any other place. That is why it is so freaking awesome.
    Happy holidays and support Brian Callahan and Corley Howard every chance you get. If you’ve ever burned a full 70 hour week building a park or pipe, you’ll know that it is hard work that requires concentration, precision and dedication. Show some respect if you want to reap the fruit, bitches.

  • Randy

    I have skied the Valley for over Fifty years. Remember we held the first world championships for Hotdog skiing now called freestyle. I remember skiing that on exibition. No one had a special place to train we did it where ever we could. Then hills all over America outlawed the Inverted. We had to go to Canada and Europe for Compition. Freestyle almost died. Sun Valley– as the kids say your sick. I have hucked my share of big air of 100 ft cliffs but now I am a proud dad of 7 kid who have taken up the tourch and I get to watch as the kids say that was sick when my 14 year old hucks a cork 7 or 9 or lays out a tuck superman double front off a 60 or 70 footer in the park. No more Park City now we can do it on our own turf. Sun Valley you have the right stuff. And to all the park personal THANKYOU!! From someone who started skiing on wood skis with painted bottoms and Bear Claw bindings I say thank heaven for change. If there were no change than you would not have the Sun Valley we have today. RB