The Finer Things of Skiing

It’s the New Year. The holiday storm is over. It is again possible to find a parking place in town and get dinner at a local restaurant. There’s not a 20-person line-up in the express lane at Atkinson’s and you can actually get your skis tuned in a timely manner. The slopes are at a pleasurable, near-empty capacity. And now it is snowing. But after a few weeks of parties, visitors, family, dinners, shopping, barhopping, and skiing paired with working harder than you do the rest of the year, as most locals do during the Christmas season, you are sick. Flakes are falling outside your window and your voice can barely be heard through the telephone when your ski buddy calls at 8:45 am to see if you are in the lift line yet.

Well, we thought we would ease your pain with our list of a few of the "Finer Things of Skiing". Seemingly little things that those who don’t ski or snowboard don’t understand putting up with, things that make skiing seem difficult but things that once we make a wide, sweeping turn on a freshly groomed run or take the first couple powder turns of the season, are completely forgotten. Things that don’t matter in the life of a skier or snowboarder, but make the stay-at-home-because-you-are-sick-and-miss-the-new-snow you feel just a little better about being at home.

1. Core shots from toy truck-sized rocks in the base of your brand new skis.
2. Losing toenails from too many days in your boots.
3. The excruciatingly painful pleasure of taking your boots off at the end of the day.
4. Figuring out just how to carry all your stuff.
5. Inevitably losing some of your gear.
6. Frostbite on your face from a cold, windy day and then having to cover it up for weeks after.
7. Digging your pass out from under your jacket on the coldest of days.
8. Flat light on Warm Springs at 10 am.
9. The walk from the River Run parking lot always seeming so much longer and more difficult at the end of the day.
10. Never being able to actually take a good solo run because inevitably you run into someone you know on the chair or in the lift line.

What do you think? What little things comfort you when you can’t make it up the mountain?
(And don’t worry, by tomorrow we’ll all forget about these trivial things and be right up there with you.)

Check out our pics of some these “Finer Things of Skiing” that really aren’t that bad….