January 19th Ski Conditions

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  • local

    dang, I should have ditched class earlier in the day today, but it was still pretty good at 1:00.
    Hopefully we get another big dump Wednesday night and I really hope Frenchmans wont’t open until Friday

  • Levi Vonzipper

    Tele guy is smooth as silk, other bozo’s need to retire, you can tell they are over 50 and ski old school seventies. Also what’s up with the dude in the orange jacket doing a bad “stein” on the front web page? get that from the 60′s? If you want people to get excited, juice up your content. How about 1, tele, 1 boarder and 1 skier who rip.

  • http://www.sunvalley.com admin

    Hang tight Vonzipper, new and good things are in the pipeline…

  • yo

    what’s with all the hate zipper head!

  • Levi Vonzipper

    Coolio admin, looking forward to it. Let it snow!!!!

  • Adult

    Ziphead, if you want to “rip it” stay at Big Bear and play with the children. A lot of us “over 50″ want to enjoy our day without having to wear a helmet to stay alive when some reckless, yes I said reckless, yahoo rips by and thinks it’s funny.

  • bumVSmtn

    nice turns danny!

  • mg

    Hey “Adult”(?) check out the SVSEF video Our Gang posted on 20 JAN 2010. Wow, these CHILDREN can RIP!!!!!!!!! Better keep that helmet on.

  • Momakat

    This is a wonderful idea to promote the fabulous skiing at Sun Valley—-Kudos to the excellent skier doing the speaking! I will continue to check out this blog for a future vacation spot!