Mountain Update – January 13

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10 Responses to “Mountain Update – January 13”

  1. bumVSmtn Says:

    nice fresh content.

    some music would have been nice, though.

  2. Julius Mojzisek Says:

    thx BumVSmtn – we thought about adding some music tracks eve since we started couple of years ago. We got mixed feedback from people – some like it the way it is with original sound track; other people lack the punch the music could bring. One thing to keep in mind is also licensing fees for the content, we don’t want to get in trouble. Maybe good local bands could come to aid. We can try something and see how people respond.
    Either way – we appreciate the feedback & thx for the input!

  3. Levi Vonzipper Says:

    You might want to use somebody with “fresh” legs for your ski vids, these people look old, sloppy and used up.

  4. Kate Randall Says:

    The young whipper-snappers probably weren’t out of bed yet when the vid was filmed.

  5. mg Says:

    I agree with Levi! It’s like Forever Plaid on skis.

  6. Levi Vonzipper Says:

    Mg, lol, or the Varnette’s

  7. Local HS senior Says:

    hey Kate, I’m in high school and I get there right about 9 every day I go, and I’m not on any of the ski or snowboard teams. Don’t see a video on my page though. Did it get taken off?

  8. Bill Says:

    hey, lighten up dudes !!

  9. Kate Randall Says:

    I’m not sure if it was taken down. This video was shot mid- week after it snowed. I’ll have to ask the camera man who he decides to film.
    Not everyone can be a rippin’ skier… looks like they’re having fun to me. Like most people.

  10. Local HS senior Says:

    ok, sorry if that last comment seemed kind of mean, but it’s easy for me to forget common courtesy on the internet

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