The Norwegian Olympic Team in Sun Valley

Seven members of the Norwegian Olympic Nordic ski team arrived in Sun Valley this Tuesday to finish off their training before the Olympics in Vancouver. Check out the fresh video and interviews!

World Cup Wednesdays Week Two

The Sun Valley Town Series continued this week. This time it was a little cloudy with some snow falling as your favorite local racers competed on Lower Cozy. As Race Department head Mike Wrobel said, he must have set the course pretty fast because this week the racers killed it on the GS course. Dead Last Team member, Robin Sarchett continued his winning streak, grabbing first place and beating his nearest competition, Carlo Rixon (from Team Tekasoreass’s), by four tenths of a second. The top girl this week was speedy Erika Hogan (Team SVSEF) again, finishing fourth overall. The winners of the traditional fifth of tequila (the fifth place male and female) were John Campbell from Team Hide the Decline and birthday girl and Scott USA team member, Toby Arnett. Billy Cook (Team Pulling Out Is For Quitters) and Kevin Moss (Hores to Culture) were the two rabbits this week, finishing 51st and 52nd.

Six teams tied for first this week, each with zero points. They were Wood River Masonry, Tekasoreass’s, SVSEF, Ski Tek Trainwrecks, Scott USA and the Blog Chicks. And because the top place goes to the first alphabetically, your very own Blog Chicks were the winning team this week. Check back next Thursday to find out if the Blog Chicks can keep it up, or if any other shake ups happen for next week’s World Cup Wednesday. Thanks to Whiskey Jacques for hosting this week’s after-party!

The Sun Valley Race Department puts on quite a race.

Wednesday's lone tele-racer rips it up on Lower Cozy.

Two of the boys from team Pulling Out Is For Quitters (sponsored by Collared Greens) with a quarter of Blog Chicks.

The man himself, Race Department head Mike Wrobel, with everyone's favorite Race Dpt gals, Jen Helms and Candy Crane.

Your very own Blog Chicks and the Week Two first place team!