College Student $99 Triple-Play Sun Valley Ski Pass On Sale Now

Spring Break in Sun Valley

Spring-Break skiing just got even better!
Full-time college students can now ski for three days at Sun Valley Resort for only $99. The Triple-Play Ski Pass is valid from March 1, 2010 through the end of the ski season. That’s right, three days skiing for only $33 per day! What’s more is that the three days do not have to be used consecutively and the pass is renewable. Triple-Play ski passes may be purchased now at the River Run ticket office with valid college I.D. For more information call (208) 622-6136.

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  • andy kehmeier

    When is the estimated end of the season? Our spring break doesn,t allow us to be there until April 1.
    Thank you,

  • admin

    Andy, as of now we are looking for April 18th for our closing date.

  • Brandon

    Wow really, $33 a day at Sun Valley? That is AMAZING!

    Genie: Well, how about *that*, Mr. Doubting Mustafa?
    Aladdin: Oh, you sure showed me. Now about my three wishes…
    Genie: Dost mine ears deceive me? “Three?”

  • M. O.

    Intense comment there Brando.

  • Brandon

    Yeah you can thank my daughter for getting that movie stuck in my head

  • Rebecca

    They do this every year for college students come spring skiing time.

  • anais

    what sort of proof of full-time status is required? does a print out of class schedule suffice, or must it be official? are graduate students eligable?

  • Kate Randall

    Yes- you need to bring a valid college ID and proof of full-time status, a class schedule will work. Full time grad students are also eligible. Call the River Run ticket office for more info: (208) 622-6136

  • Pippi Konstanski

    We’ll be there! :D

  • hannah

    Can 3 tickets be used with more than one person. Like if 3 of us come up and use all the three tickets ?

  • Kate Randall

    Hi Hannah,
    The Triple-Play Pass is a three-day pass for one person. Your photo is on the pass, so each pass can only be used by one person. The pass can be used for any three days through the end of the ski season- they don’t have to be consecutive.