Sun Valley Town Series Week Five Results

The Town Series continued this week on Lower Cozy with some gray and cloudy skies but the local racers turned out fast and strong for yesterday’s races. The action continued Wednesday night as Bellevue’s Mahoney’s hosted the after party. See the Team Results below and check back later for the full results.

TEAMS 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total
1 Scott USA 0.00 0.26 0.00 0.00 0.26
2 Ski Tek Trainwrecks 0.00 0.00 0.39 0.00 0.39
3 Wood River Masonry 0.00 0.73 0.00 0.00 0.73
4 Casino Dancing Bears 0.06 0.00 1.28 0.00 1.34
5 Drunken Blumkens 0.63 0.76 0.00 0.00 1.39
6 Geriatric Junkies 0.42 0.55 0.33 0.60 1.90
7 Crazy About Racing 0.97 3.10 0.00 0.00 4.07
8 Tekasoreass’s 0.00 1.14 0.00 3.06 4.20
9 Rainbow Warriors 0.43 0.00 4.27 0.00 4.70
10 Four By Fours 3.86 0.00 0.60 0.89 5.35
11 Lip Service 1.74 1.08 2.39 0.64 5.85
12 Dead Last 0.31 0.00 6.00 0.00 6.31
13 Lick My Bowls 3.00 0.00 2.67 1.46 7.13
14 Cosmic Cruisers 0.61 3.44 1.79 1.39 7.23
15 CBG’s Flat Out Ridiculous 3.14 0.00 1.99 2.21 7.34
16 Puttin’ In Is For Winners 2.74 1.29 0.46 3.00 7.49
17 Hide The Decline 2.29 0.42 3.00 1.99 7.70
18 Three Dicks and a Chick 1.36 2.02 4.56 0.00 7.94
19 SVSEF 0.00 5.65 0.02 3.00 8.67
20 E = MC2 3.00 3.00 3.00 0.13 9.13
21 Grateful Shred 0.68 1.84 6.54 0.42 9.48
22 Pulling Out Is For Quitters 1.34 2.83 3.79 2.17 10.13
23 Blog.SV.Com Blog Chicks 0.00 3.00 5.38 3.84 12.22
24 Hores to Culture 1.42 0.00 7.74 3.19 12.35
25 Uber Schnell 0.29 3.00 7.00 6.00 16.29
26 Science is Cool 0.77 5.94 8.49 4.82 20.02
27 Roosevelt 3.67 6.00 5.54 6.00 21.21
28 The Mad Scientists 6.70 9.00 9.00 6.00 30.70
29 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
30 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
The Field 39.43 55.05 86.23 50.81 0.00 0.00 231.52

Epic Sun Valley Days in March

Most of our "epic ski days" in this valley come on deep powder days in December or January. Days when we wake up to one, two feet of snow and go to stand in line at the lifts for two hours until the Patrol deems it safe to ski. Then we race with the crowds to the Bowls, to the Lower Bowls, to ungroomed Christmas Ridge, or to International and Exhibition. We share our unbounded joy with fellow Chairlift riders, fellow sick-day claimers, and wear ourselves out for an entire six hours.

Come March, most of us settle into our warm, sunny, casual Spring Skiing Routine. A routine in which we enjoy the slush of the afternoon sun, beers are clinked together at the end of the day, and we no longer worry about the lack of big storms coming our way. This morning was a little different. Today, March 4, we woke up to six inches of fresh snow, with the sticks measuring nine by midday.

It might not have been the biggest dump of the year. It might have not been the best snow of the season. And some of us might not have gotten up there at nine. But somehow, some of us, managed to get an epic ski day out of this powdery March Thursday and were reminded exactly why we live here, in Sun Valley.

No, it wasn’t a huge snowfall of early season proportions. But when you start down Upper River and the clouds part, revealing blue skies above and almost untracked snow below; you smile, hoot and holler, and know that this is a snow day of epic proportions.

WinterSol Fest and the Wailers heat up Ketchum this Friday and Saturday!

With the community already dancing under a nine-inch blanket of fresh white snow, be prepared to keep your dancing shoes on  the first-ever WinterSol Festival comes to Ketchum.  The Sol Fest will bring concerts, parties, and a little action to downtown Ketchum starting Friday night. The lineup includes reggae legends The Wailers with Steve Fulton Music, as well as Vancouver’s Swollen Members, Passafire and Beats Antique. There will be street parties both Friday and Saturday nights as well, which will include a beer garden, spinning by local djs DJ Lenny and DJ Gerry, fire pits, a Red Bull drink station, and food concessions. The street parties will light up downtown on First Street between Main and Leadville, both nights from 8 pm- 12 am.

The musical lineup begins on Friday, March 5th,  with The Wailers at 7 pm in the nexStage Theater on Main Street in Ketchum. (Tickets are only $27 and doors open at 6:30). Later than night Swollen Members will rock the nexStage beginning at 10 pm (all ages, $25) and  Passafire will be performing beginning at 10pm at the Roosevelt (Tickets are $10, 21 and over only). The SolFest continues Saturday night with Swollen Members performing the nexStage again at 10 pm on Saturday, March 6th and Beats Antique at the Roosevelt (10pm, $10). With a plethora of musical choices these weekend, there is sure to be some grooving and powder-celebrating around town!

The 2010 Janss Pro-Am Classic Debuts this Weekend!

Founded in 1988 by Beverly Hay DeChevrieux and sponsored by Thomas Weisel Partners, the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Fundraiser, the Janss Pro-Am is back this weekend! An all-weekend event with 22 registered teams, The Janss mixes a “Pro Racer” with four amateur racers, skiers or snowboarders. The teams then compete for racing titles and costume prizes throughout the weekend of parties and on-snow races. Rumors of costume themes from some of this year’s teams include Mardi Gras, School Spirit and White Trash Wedding. Last year’s champion team, the Community School, is back to defend their title. As is last year’s costume winner, Koth Sports. There has even been sightings of “Bad Cops” and “Indian Princesses”, so keep an eye out on the slopes this weekend for troublemakers in costumes zooming around Lower Warm Springs and around town!

2010 Janss Pro-Am events include tonight’s opening celebration Pro Party at Michel’s Christiana, Friday’s Apres-Ski party at Whiskey Jacques, and Saturday’s Award Banquet and Dinner at the Sun Valley Inn’s Limelight Room.  Benefiting the SVSEF’s Nordic, Alpine, Freestyle and Snowboard teams, this weekend’s event is one of the Foundation’s biggest fundraisers of the year. Big thanks to all that participate and sponsor the fun!