Epic Sun Valley Days in March

Most of our "epic ski days" in this valley come on deep powder days in December or January. Days when we wake up to one, two feet of snow and go to stand in line at the lifts for two hours until the Patrol deems it safe to ski. Then we race with the crowds to the Bowls, to the Lower Bowls, to ungroomed Christmas Ridge, or to International and Exhibition. We share our unbounded joy with fellow Chairlift riders, fellow sick-day claimers, and wear ourselves out for an entire six hours.

Come March, most of us settle into our warm, sunny, casual Spring Skiing Routine. A routine in which we enjoy the slush of the afternoon sun, beers are clinked together at the end of the day, and we no longer worry about the lack of big storms coming our way. This morning was a little different. Today, March 4, we woke up to six inches of fresh snow, with the sticks measuring nine by midday.

It might not have been the biggest dump of the year. It might have not been the best snow of the season. And some of us might not have gotten up there at nine. But somehow, some of us, managed to get an epic ski day out of this powdery March Thursday and were reminded exactly why we live here, in Sun Valley.

No, it wasn’t a huge snowfall of early season proportions. But when you start down Upper River and the clouds part, revealing blue skies above and almost untracked snow below; you smile, hoot and holler, and know that this is a snow day of epic proportions.

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  • M

    Well put.

  • local

    YES!!!! IT WAS EPIC!!!!!!

  • obamanible

    yeah, now if we can only get rid of the 8:30 am lessons, the hikers, the mountain personnel, and first tracks breakfast we might actually get a few fresh tracks. svco is totally unqualified to manage a mountain; we need an independent mtn operator to run the ski area because sunvalley takes way too much advantage of their lease agreement with the forest service (read giving away free lift tix with rooms!!!) no other major ski mountain in the u.s. is run by the primary lodging facility in town except sun valley and they can’t even run their own lodge correctly. they screw locals left and right so it’s no wonder we all loathe the three stooges that run the place

  • obamanible

    yeah moderate this dude

  • WonderGirl

    It is great that SV company gave free lift-tickets with rooms. I think it should go farther. There are so many empty chairs on the lifts …why not give ALL Wood River students free ski passes and by so doing build up a generation of avid skiers. In fact ALL kids (locals or not) should ski free at SV …why not.

  • Jason

    Whoever wrote entry #3 needs an attitude adjustment. The article was about how FUN skiing is, how GREAT March in SV can be, and what do you reply? A bunch of negative nonsense. As for the sentiments in #5, do you realize that SV Co. is a BUSINESS? i.e. it needs to make money to exist? Skier visits were way up through January despite the poor economy and the vibe on the mtn. this year is very positive and happy. We are indeed very lucky to have Sun Valley and the Holdings. Think not? Just wait.

  • Susan

    Wondergirl and Jason, yes, you are so totally right. There are many issues here (that we shouldn’t probably even respond to obamanible about)…but:

    (1) it is a business and needs to bring people to the mountain (in the past 10 years, they’ve done an awesome job getting visitors to the valley – job no. 1!!),

    (2) Bald Mtn (and Dollar do not belong to the locals, but are, in effect, a national treasure and does this person realize that this was the first ski “resort” in the U.S.? which is a historic and fantastic bit of trivia in and of itself????, (3) Without visitors to the valley, there would most probably not be (a) so many snow guns to extend the season on both ends, (b) allow for a gondola to the top for those who may not ski (or not be able to ski anymore due to their age), (c) a terrain park at Dollar and a new lodge, and (d) JOBS for people in the valley???!!!!

    (3) As a seasonal (and annual (most times X2) visitor to the valley, I appreciate what the company has done to make this one (if not THE) most spectacular ski resort in the country. There are many resorts could visit and I’ve visited MANY. I used to want to come to SV but there was a problem with snow pack. I would visit Colorado, California, Utah, and other areas in Idaho. Now, with the improvements and the special packages both pre and post season, I am a regular visitor. Our family spends money in your valley, but more importantly, we love and appreciate the hospitality extended to us by staff and locals. In my opinion, everyone wins (except for obamanible, who seems to have terminal myopia).

    (4) Wanting everyone to move out of your backyard is a very narrow minded and immature view of the world. I know I’ve had it at times in my life. All of us are experiencing stress from people encroaching on our natural surroundings. It really is uncomfortable. However, I remember many, many years ago going to a nascent Whistler Mtn and having the Canadians running all over my skis and being rude and actually saying “get your own mountain.” Well, the mountain does not belong to anyone but nature/God/whomever you like to assign ownership to. In reality, we are all (hopefully) sharing the beauty of a place that we love. That’s the plan. We all just pass through, we rent, we borrow, we share. And I am glad that SV Corp continues to have a world class resort and runs it as a world class resort and makes those of us who visit feel like it is a place we want to come back to year after year after year. (I have never returned to Whistler – I found my “own” mountain in Sun Valley).

    Thank you Sun Valley!!