Ski Patrol Update 3/3 – 3/9/2010

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  • keith

    As great a mountain as SV is, and it IS great, there are some safety issues which have never been addressed. In particular, there are no caution signs, tape or other bright markings at the edge of the cat track that brings skiers from lower College back to the intersection with Mid River and lower Canyon. In poor visibility someone unfamiliar with the mountain (and even those of us who know the mountain) could easily ski right off the cat track and fall down the steep slope. Markings such as those on top of the bowls (lolly pop markers) could easily help prevent a serious accident at virtually no cost.

  • Sun Valley Ski Patrol

    Thank you for your comments regarding safety on Bald Mountain. It is always the desire of the Sun Valley Ski Patrol to do our best to make Baldy as safe and user-friendly as possible. We implement the use of signs and markers based on a number of considerations. Because Sunset Strip is located in a Slow Skiing Zone, we expect guests to travel at slow speeds under control. We continue to review and develop safety procedures and are always interested in our guests’ concerns. We have forwarded your thoughts to our Safety Team for consideration. Thank you again for your comments!

  • Keith

    Thanks for your interest in my comments. I am only concerned that action be taken to prevent a problem, not once someone has been injured. Many areas are designated as slow skiing zones but those signs are quite often ignored. For a few cents the “lolly pop” signs could be installed to prevent a problem in poor visibility conditions.
    You guys and gals of the Ski Patrol do a great job!