Sun Valley Writers’ Conference August 20-23, 2010

The Sun Valley Writers’ Conference at the Sun Valley Resort

August 20-23, 2010

For ticket information, please call Robin Winston at 800-841-4906 or email Package & single event tickets are available.

The Sun Valley Writers’ Conference is celebrating its fifteenth year in a four-day gathering at the beautiful Sun Valley Resort, where prominent writers will give talks and readings to a thoughtful and engaged audience. This summer’s program will include fiction, nonfiction, journalism, memoir writing, theatrical performance & music. Among our presenters will be former Secretary of the Treasury Henry M. Paulson Jr., Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Academy Award-winning Actor John Lithgow, Poet and Memoirist Mary Karr, Economist Niall Ferguson, Travel Writer Pico Iyer, Human Rights Activist and Memoirist Ishmael Beah, Novelist and Screenwriter Dennis Lehane among many others.

The Sun Valley Writers’ Conference is a nonprofit organization that reaches out to discerning readers and writers from all over the country. It always includes scholarship students, and admits teachers and students free of charge. One third of our funding comes from the sale of tickets. The other two thirds comes from the generosity of individuals and foundations who believe that the literary world can make a difference in the shaping of contemporary culture. Tickets are $850 which includes admission to all events over four days, breakfasts and lunches.

Please visit the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference website at for a complete list of writers and a conference schedule.

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  • Aaron Eshman

    Please call me SAP at 310-399-3473… We are unable to attend,but my friend wants to buy my tickets—is this possible or should I get a refund. Please advise how to proceed..Thank you very much.

  • Kate Randall

    Hi Aaron-
    The Writer’s conference is put on by a separate organization than Sun Valley Resort, but the event is held on our property. They will have to take care of your tickets.
    For ticket information, please contact Robin Winston at (800) 841-4906.
    Or check out their website:

    I also just sent you an email regarding this.

  • Suzy Casey

    Looking forward to my third SVWC–congratulations to Robin Eidson and Robin Winston for an excellent effort. As writer, editor and publisher, with my gorgeous new coffee-table-kitchen ready book, THE ART LOVERS’ COOKBOOK, hot off the press, I am looking forward to learning more this year from the stunning array of thought-provoking writers–although this year there is not a cookbook author….maybe next year when the Sun Valley edition of The Art Lovers’ Cookbook is ready!