Fireworks Twice July 4 Weekend!

Because of the Saturday night ice show, and Sun Valley’s tradition of fireworks following the show on the Fourth, and the fact that the Fourth lands on a Sunday, we get fireworks TWICE this weekend! You will be able to look skyward at around 10:00 pm both nights, and enjoy the celebration with all of us… The back side of the Sun Valely Lodge is great place to watch from, or Penny Pasture has a front row seat right across the street for the launch pad, or just about anywhere in Sun Valley will have a great view of the works. See you there

Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

Newsflash: It is peak season right now for the wildflowers in our hills! For those of you who love the smell of the lupine in the sagebrush now is the best time of the year to get out and see this year’s flowers and smell the aroma. We can suggest three great trails right here in Sun Valley:
1. The new White Clouds trail just across the street fron the Sun Valley Lodge is a nice easy walk around the new golf course, and has Yellow and Purple Lupine all around it, as well as flax, larspur, sedum and Arrowleaf Balsamroot (great name, but not my favorite flower). And many more. It is a great spot for a lunchtime stroll and you will love the array of flowers.
2. Proctor Mountain Loop starts at Hemingway Memorial, and crosses Trail Creek on a beautiful hidden log bridge. It has possibly the best array of all the different flowers of our area. This trail has been a favorite of the locals for many years. A bit tougher hike, but very doable in less than two hours if you are looking for a peaceful walk with a great workout.
3. Dollar Mountain… Not many folks know about the flowers on Dollar, but those that have looked have seen the fields of lupine that smell so good it makes your head spin. Look for the footpaths around the hillside, they have a better walking surface than the service roads. You might have to share the trail with the horses out for a trail ride, but just step aside and speak nicely to the cowboys and the horses won’t be alarmed by you.
For directions, stop by Pete Lanes, and for a great little flower guide, Cheryl has some at Chapter One Bookstore in Ketchum. See you

Baldy Trails are Open again!

The Smokies have finished with their spraying…and have reopened our trails on Baldy! No way to know how successful they were with their project, but we wish them well, and thank them for our mountain back. There’s a possibility of rain and thunder this afternoon, but the hiking and riding should be great if you watch the skies. Remember, the lift guys will close the lifts at the first sign of lightning, and leave them closed for 30 minutes. They have been known to generously supply truck rides down for those who are stranded, but you should always be prepared for whatever can happen in the mountains. See you

Come Beat the Heat on Baldy this Week!

It was another great day up on Baldy today, blue skies, nice and cool, and great views over the valley. With all the bikers that were out, I think we broke some sort of attendance record up here! It’s the best presentation the Mountain Department has offered for the summers that we’ve seen so far. They’ll be running all week, and on through the summer every day, so come on out and say “Hi” to Benjy at the rop of the Gondola… He’ll be hurt if you don’t. Remember to bring a sweater if you plan to ride to the top, it can be cool out there…See you

Limited Baldy Trail Access Mon and Tues

This week the USFS will be continuing their efforts at eradicating the dreaded pine beetle that has been eating the trees  on our mountain. They are going to spray some chemicals  (feromones,  I think) around the hill Monday and Tuesday mornings. They have asked that we all stay  out from under the helicopter while they spray and plan to close access to all our trails from about 6:00 am to 12 or 12:30.  We’d all like them to succeed,  so we will support the closure of all trails Monday and Tuesday until around mid-day. We will be able to let everybody know when the trails are safe to travel again when they finish.  Thanks for your help!

Sunday is beautiful at the Top of Baldy

Yup, its nice up here again today, and you can see forever out there. The snow on the Pioneers makes them look even taller than they are, and closer. And the foothills have that velvety green hue to them that you get only in the spring. Really worth the trip… If you come up be sure to say hi to Benjy at the top of the gondola, he’ll be there to greet you.

Congrats to the First Gondola Riders of the Summer!

We want to thank and congratulate Ted and Anne Philpott and Barbara and Mike Gunter all hailing from Winston-Salem NC who were our first riders on the gondola this morning. It is the inaugural day for summer operations of our new gondola, and these folks were the first in line. Thanks, and welcome to you all!

74th Summer Season Starts on the Mountain

We’re at the top of Baldy this morning, on the inaugural day of Summer Gondola operations on Baldy. The weather is perfect today, and there is lots going on up here. There a hikers and bikers, and lunch at the Roundhouse. (You’ve got to try that out, it’s great) We’ve seen plenty of para-sailers out this morning for their morning flights off the top, and probably 25 -30 hardy souls who have managed the hike all the way to the summit from River Run. It’s a great day at the top of the world, be sure to come out and see us as soon as you can!

Sun Valley Resort Plan Frontier Fun On The Fourth

Village Full of Activities for the Entire Family!

Everyone is invited to Sun Valley Resort’s Frontier Fun, Sunday, July 4, beginning at 5 pm in the Village.

The lawns around the Opera House and Duck Pond will be packed with music, a fun zone for games and special appearances by the Rhinestone Roper’s trick horse "Lucky Joe" and the country-western tunes of the Sound County band.

The fun begins at 5 pm with local high school musical talent followed by Sound County. The BBQ starts at 6 pm, featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, garden burgers and ice cream.

At 8 pm, the Rhinestone Ropers will perform with Sound County returning to the stage about 8:30 pm.

Free events for everyone in the family will include miniature train rides, roping and rope making, bingo, sack races, bouncy house, bean bag toss, fly fishing fun casting, face painting and more, culminating in an eye-popping  fireworks display  around 10 pm.

For additional information please call 208-622-2248.

Silver Creek Outfitters Free Casting Instruction

Silver Creek Casting

Silver Creek Outfitters, located in the Sun Valley Mall, offers FREE casting instruction from 5:30pm  - 6:30pm Tuesdays – Saturdays, through Labor Day weekend!