Come Beat the Heat on Baldy this Week!

It was another great day up on Baldy today, blue skies, nice and cool, and great views over the valley. With all the bikers that were out, I think we broke some sort of attendance record up here! It’s the best presentation the Mountain Department has offered for the summers that we’ve seen so far. They’ll be running all week, and on through the summer every day, so come on out and say “Hi” to Benjy at the rop of the Gondola… He’ll be hurt if you don’t. Remember to bring a sweater if you plan to ride to the top, it can be cool out there…See you

Limited Baldy Trail Access Mon and Tues

This week the USFS will be continuing their efforts at eradicating the dreaded pine beetle that has been eating the trees  on our mountain. They are going to spray some chemicals  (feromones,  I think) around the hill Monday and Tuesday mornings. They have asked that we all stay  out from under the helicopter while they spray and plan to close access to all our trails from about 6:00 am to 12 or 12:30.  We’d all like them to succeed,  so we will support the closure of all trails Monday and Tuesday until around mid-day. We will be able to let everybody know when the trails are safe to travel again when they finish.  Thanks for your help!

Sunday is beautiful at the Top of Baldy

Yup, its nice up here again today, and you can see forever out there. The snow on the Pioneers makes them look even taller than they are, and closer. And the foothills have that velvety green hue to them that you get only in the spring. Really worth the trip… If you come up be sure to say hi to Benjy at the top of the gondola, he’ll be there to greet you.