Fireworks Twice July 4 Weekend!

Because of the Saturday night ice show, and Sun Valley’s tradition of fireworks following the show on the Fourth, and the fact that the Fourth lands on a Sunday, we get fireworks TWICE this weekend! You will be able to look skyward at around 10:00 pm both nights, and enjoy the celebration with all of us… The back side of the Sun Valely Lodge is great place to watch from, or Penny Pasture has a front row seat right across the street for the launch pad, or just about anywhere in Sun Valley will have a great view of the works. See you there

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  • Mikey

    HI it’s Mike Willard!

    I can’t wait to come “Home to Sun Valley! I will be in

    Sun Valley for a week I Plan to Watch the Fireworks

    shows and go to the Ice show and Go Ice skateing

    Every day I want to thank Sun Valley! the Sun Valley

    Lodge all the Staff and Crew at the Ice rink I want

    thank My Friend Ryan Baine who works at the Ice rink

    thanks Bro! and Scott thanks Bro! to everyone in

    Sun Valley see you in Sun Valley Happy 4th of July!

  • jtm

    Thanks for the note, Mike…I was thinking we used too many exclamation points…Maybe we could both take a course in writing…See you