Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

Newsflash: It is peak season right now for the wildflowers in our hills! For those of you who love the smell of the lupine in the sagebrush now is the best time of the year to get out and see this year’s flowers and smell the aroma. We can suggest three great trails right here in Sun Valley:
1. The new White Clouds trail just across the street fron the Sun Valley Lodge is a nice easy walk around the new golf course, and has Yellow and Purple Lupine all around it, as well as flax, larspur, sedum and Arrowleaf Balsamroot (great name, but not my favorite flower). And many more. It is a great spot for a lunchtime stroll and you will love the array of flowers.
2. Proctor Mountain Loop starts at Hemingway Memorial, and crosses Trail Creek on a beautiful hidden log bridge. It has possibly the best array of all the different flowers of our area. This trail has been a favorite of the locals for many years. A bit tougher hike, but very doable in less than two hours if you are looking for a peaceful walk with a great workout.
3. Dollar Mountain… Not many folks know about the flowers on Dollar, but those that have looked have seen the fields of lupine that smell so good it makes your head spin. Look for the footpaths around the hillside, they have a better walking surface than the service roads. You might have to share the trail with the horses out for a trail ride, but just step aside and speak nicely to the cowboys and the horses won’t be alarmed by you.
For directions, stop by Pete Lanes, and for a great little flower guide, Cheryl has some at Chapter One Bookstore in Ketchum. See you