He Calls it the “Field of Dreams”

The guy said, “If you build it, they will come.” Well, The Holdings built it, and last night they came. There were an estimated 6,000 people Sunday night at the Sun Valley Pavilion and on the lawn on a beautiful, clear and warm August evening.

Garth Brooks showed up and with some help from his beautiful wife  Trisha Yearwood, put on a wonderful exhibition of his roots in the music business and his growth to the leading country performer in the world. Who knew that he was such an entertaining story teller?  Mixed in with the great music we have all grown up with, and the touching stories of his dear father, he wowed the crowd for over an hour before bringing out the entire Sun Valley Symphony Orchestra for support. (As back-up? Imagine that!)

It sounded like everybody  had a good time, from the $10,000 per seat folks dancing in the aisles to “I’ve got Friends in Low Places” to all the real country lovers who lined up on the lawn before dawn, and waited all day for a spot in the sun.  By the way, the 360 square foot TV screen made perfect viewing for everybody on the lawn, even those who were left ouside the fence without tickets.

And Garth said it made him think of the “Field of Dreams”

Wish you were there

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