Baldy Blanketed in 11″ Of New Snow

Weekend storms left Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain covered in 11″ of new snow officially signaling the beginning of what’s hoped to be a stellar la nina snow year for  the Sun Valley area. Also, last night marked the start of snowmaking on both Dollar and Bald Mountain, bringing Sun Valley’s 75th Winter Season closer to our anticipated November 25th opening date. So get those riding legs in shape, hit the gym or pavement because the season will be upon us in a matter of weeks!

Think Snow!

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11 Responses to “Baldy Blanketed in 11″ Of New Snow”

  1. mg Says:

    The blog is boring! It is just a calender of events. Where’s Katie M.? We want Katie! Bring back Katie to write a blog.

  2. Kate Randall Says:

    Katie worked part-time for Sun Valley last winter. I believe she has found a different full-time job.
    Our blog is linked to our online ( event calendar so we have to enter calendar events and dates on the blog. Eventually we will hire a journalist/blogger to write more engaging blog content so there will be a better mix of calendar events and engaging journalistic stories. Until then we appreciate your patience.

  3. Laura Says:

    We are scheduled to stay in Sun Valley the weekend of Nov. 11. Do you think cross country skiing is a possibility?

  4. Barack O'Vomit Says:

    We all know that these are just fake photoshopped pictures.

  5. Kate Randall Says:

    Dear Mr. O’Vomit,
    No they are not fake or photoshopped.

  6. Kate Randall Says:

    Hi Laura,
    That depends on the weather. The Nordic trails in Sun Valley usually don’t open that early, but Galena or the Blaine County Recreation District trails further north may have more snow.

  7. Jen Says:

    11 inches? lifts should be spinning. get some riders in to pack that out, and next storm would be a winner for everyone

  8. la nina winter Says:

    you guys better start burning some skis down there in ketchum!

  9. Kate Randall Says:

    Thanks for the kind words from the Great White North. Beauty eh?

  10. Snowbum Says:

    When is the planned opening day – Thanksgiving still? Is that looking realistic?

  11. Kate Randall Says:

    Hi Snowbum,
    Weather and snow conditions permitting, we still plan to open a few runs/lifts on Bald Mountain on Thanksgiving Day, November 25. Pray for snow.

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