You Can Hear Them From Here!

The guns are running around the clock at Dollar.

Yup… the snowguns are running again at Dollar Mountain, and its looking like we’ll be ready for Thanksgiving.  The Snowmakers have been working around the clock here, and now we’re starting to see some real progress. Can’t wait!

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  • Snowbum

    What’re the odds of having some type of mini-park setup when Dollar opens on Thanksgiving? If it’s not in the works yet I cast my vote to at least throw it on the discussion table /vote

  • jtm

    We were talking about that just this morning, and yes that is our hope to have some sort of feature or features out here when we open. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll keep you posted

  • Snowbum

    Awesome that’s great to hear, me and my buddies are excited to come ride. It can be a downer when not a lot of the mtn opens early season but when there’s features we’ll session them all weekend long! Thanks for the update

  • Snowbum

    Opening in a couple days – any final word on if there will be any type of mini sized park (IE. rail garden) at opening? *crossing fingers*

  • Mountain Operations

    Definitely! We talked to Brian and his boys this evening, and we’ll have at least three rails set for Thursday. We are putting them in what we call “Race Hill” up a ways from the bottom of Dollar lift, between Dollar and Quarter. We’re hearing there’ll be some rails on the side of Lower River Run as well, now that we’ve got some snow to work with. Looking forward to it…

  • powder

    Great talk. You guys should try Utah!! Real snow and parks have been open for 3 weeks already. Snowmaking sucks!

  • Kate Randall

    Great! Stay there! :)
    Enjoy the crowds!

  • Snowbum

    Lol Kate so true.
    AWESOME – so glad to hear we’re going to have some features up. We’ll all be hitting the mountain fri-sun!

  • pam

    when is warm springs opening?

  • Julius Mojzisek

    Hi Pam,
    Warm Springs base opens tomorrow, Saturday 11-27. We’ll post the update through our social channels shortly.
    Expected runs to open are: Flying Squirrel, Lower Picabo, Lower Warm Springs and Upper Janss Pass. The first three will also get groomed.
    See you on the slopes!

  • Snowbum

    On lower river run you’ve got the following park features:
    Flat Rail
    Battleship Box
    Down Rail
    Fatty Tube

    It’s set up nice and we had lots of fun doing laps

    Anyone who’s been to Dollar – can you post what features they have available?