Test Drive the All-New BMW X3 in Sun Valley

If you like luxury cars, come to the base of River Run March 17-20 from 9am-5pm to test drive the new BMW X3 and enter to win a new pair of K2 skis. With every test drive, you will also have the opportunity to demo a pair of K2 skis.


3 Responses to “Test Drive the All-New BMW X3 in Sun Valley”

  1. Constance S McCamant Says:

    Would love to drive your car! And ski too! See you next Thursday!

  2. Arnold S. Says:

    I would like to drive this from Warm Springs to the top of the run named for me.

    Is this vehicle capable of that?


  3. Kate Randall Says:

    Dear Arnold,
    I doubt if any car can drive up that hill and you may have to break a few legs to try it.
    But if you behave during your test drive, you will be eligible to demo a pair of K2 skis to test your turns down Arnold’s Run.

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