Film Screening – Decoding Deepak

Film Screening – Decoding Deepak
Thursday, May 24, 7:00 pm, Sun Valley Opera House

The Sun Valley Wellness Festival is proud to partner with NALA Productions for a special Thursday evening showing of Decoding Deepak, a new feature-length documentary film that chronicles one year in the life of spiritualist and pop cultural icon Deepak Chopra. The film, which was written, directed and produced by Deepak’s son, filmmaker and journalist Gotham Chopra, follows Deepak as he road-trips across the world to uncover who Deepak really is, separating the man from the myth with a raw honesty only a son can have. What starts as a decoding of Deepak becomes an examination of himself, and possibly an allegory of a world trying to make sense of itself.

Admission: $10

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