Apres Ski Music at River Run Lodge – The Penny Hens

Apres Ski Music at River Run Lodge – The Penny Hens

Friday, March 9 – Sunday, March 11

Apres Ski Music at Warm Springs Lodge – Lip Service

Apres Ski Music at Warm Springs Lodge – Lip Service

Wednesday, March 7 – Sunday, March 11

2pm – 5:30pm

Apres Ski Music at Warm Springs Lodge – Kole Moulton & LNLY RD

Apres Ski Music at Warm Springs Lodge – Kole Moulton & LNLY RD

Wednesday, February 29 – Sunday, March 4

2pm – 5:30pm

Apres Ski Music at River Run Lodge – Miller Sisters Duo

Apres Ski Music at River Run Lodge – Miller Sisters Duo

Friday, February 24 – Saturday, February 25

2pm – 5:30pm

Apres Ski Music at River Run Lodge – Jay & Paula Rath

Apres Ski Music at River Run Lodge – Jay & Paula Rath

Tuesday, February 21 – Thursday, February 23

2pm – 5:30pm

Apres Ski Music at Warm Springs Lodge – Fox Street All Stars

Apres Ski Music at Warm Springs Lodge – Fox Street All Stars

Monday, February 20 – Thursday, February 23

2pm – 5:30pm

Payette Brewing Beer Dinner at Trail Creek Cabin

Payette Brewing Beer Dinner at Trail Creek Cabin

Sunday, March 11

6:00pm Reception

6:30pm Dinner

$55/person (plus tax & gratuity)

Reservations:  208-622-2800 (Limited availability)

Chef:  Wendy Little

Head Brewer:  Mike Francis

Shots of the Week: Happy Snow Tubers!



Looking for something fun to do for the whole family, or for a different take on aprs skiing? Snow tubing at Dollar Mountain is it! Read all about the growing sport for kids of all ages here. (Photos courtesy of Mike McKenna.)

Lift Line: President’s Day Weekend Happenings in Sun Valley

By Katie Matteson

It’s President’s Day weekend here in Sun Valley and besides all the gorgeous, bluebird skiing there is to be had on Baldy, the terrain parks to explore on Dollar and the backcountry skiing throughout the Valley, there is tons of fun to be had around town off the hill as well. Here are three things we won’t be missing over this long weekend!

1.     Marley in the Mountains: The Good Times return this President’s Weekend for the 4th Annual Marley in the Mountains Festival! Come out and celebrate winter and all the Mountain Niceness! The Greatest Show on Snow! Headlining the 2012 Marley in the Mountains Celebration on Saturday, February 18th is Abja and the Lions of Kush. Other musicians include Soulmedic (California’s top reggae performer), Lions Den Sound System and DJ Vision.  Also, Idaho’s favorites Old Death Whisper, Army of Pines, Captain Dano and the Nobodies will perform.  Reggae/hip-hop sensation Obie Won will be the event MC.  And don’t miss the other special guests and surprises! Marley in the Mountains is proud to partner with Sun Valley Adaptive Sports (SVAS) and its Higher Ground program. SVAS will receive $5 for each pre-sold ticket.  Higher Ground would like to welcome all veterans to enjoy a FREE concert ticket. For more info visit www.marleyinthemountains.com.

2.     Leif’s Race: An Olympic-caliber alpine skier, Nordic skier, ski jumper, biathlete and ice hockey player, the great, glamorous, athletic and romantic Swede Leif Odmark was Sun Valley’s celebrated Nordic God from the 1940′s though the 1970′s. He founded the Sun Valley Nordic Center and was also a champion Alpine Masters racer. He founded Leif’s Race in 1992, a tradition that has continued for 22 years. Don’t miss this classic, two-part Sun Valley race, Saturday, February 18th. This race highlights two of Sun Valley and our beloved mountains’ mainstays, Nordic skiing and Alpine racing. The Alpine GS race starts at 10:00 AM on Cozy followed by a Nordic 5K at the Sun Valley Nordic Center. We promise there are good times to be had! More information is available at www.sunvalleyski.com.

3.     "Love you Forever" Outdoor Art Installation: On Friday, February 17th, New York City-based artist, Erin Rachel Hudak  (represented by Ochi Gallery will install a variation of her piece Love you Forever in Sun Valley, Idaho.  The original Love You Forever, made of silver and gold mylar balloons, floated just off shore of the Brooklyn waterfront under the Brooklyn Bridge.  An adoring public service announcement to New York, the installation became, if only for just a few days, a celebrated destination. In Idaho, accounting for weather, the piece will mimic balloons, but be fashioned out of fabric.  In the Festival Meadows, across from Sun Valley’s iconic red barn, Hudak’s message of everlasting adulation will ironically be temporary, but lastingly moving.

Coming soon 24 Hours of Sun Valley

Ever wanted to see the sun rise from the top of Dollar Mountain or ski down Dollar Face during an epic Idaho sunset? Well March 23rd and 24th, you might just have that chance because the very first 24-hour ski race in Sun Valley is coming our way next month!

 Started by formal local and now Sandpoint resident, Brian Sturgis, as a fundraiser for his young son who was diagnosed with Cystinosis at a young age, the unique ski race started out at Northern Idaho’s Schweitzer Mountain. That race, 24 Hours of Schwietzer has raised almost $400,000 for the 24 Hours for Hank Foundation since its inception in 2008. Now Brian, Hank and the 24 Hours for Hank Foundation is coming our way for the very first 24 Hours of Sun Valley.

With only a handful of other races of this kind in the entire country, this 24 hour event gives you (and your team of three or four) the once-in-a-lifetime chance to ski Dollar Mountain for 24 hours straight. Sun Valley Resort will be raising lights to guide your way throughout the wee hours of the night, there will be a staging area set up in Carol’s Dollar Lodge and prizes will be awarded to the team or individual who has raised the most money or who takes the most runs throughout the day.

So slip in to your most comfortable boots, click in to your favorite skis or board and join us for 24 hours of fun and fundraising during March’s 24 Hours of Sun Valley. More information is available at 24hoursofsunvalley.com

DIVAS: Sitting Down with Nicky Biddle Elsbree

Nicky Biddle Elsbree

Mom (of two), Sun Valley SnowSports School Ski Instructor, DIVAS Program Co-Founder

By Laurie Sammis

As part of an ongoing Winter Profile series featuring real mountain divas–who are living and working and loving life in the mountains–we caught up with former collegiate ski racer, wife, mother of two, DIVAS Program co-founder (along with Danielle Crist Carruth) and Sun Valley SnowSports School ski instructor extraordinaire Nicky Biddle Elsbree last week. Here is what she had to say about life in the mountains.

Sun Valley SnowSports instructor and DIVAS co-founder Nicky Biddle Elsbree

First Run in the A.M.?  On a Powder Day…Upper River, the road less traveled. On any other day it would be Graduate for a groomer, as it’s so sweetly falls away…

Last Run of the Day? Plaza… Picabo’s Street…whatever you want to call it. It’s a nice little secret–if your legs can handle “one more.”

Favorite Run on a Sunny Day?  Maybe a groomer..and I don’t know exactly why, but there’s something about skiing Squirrel with the sun on your back and your shadow stretching slightly ahead. Also any Bowl on a sunny day.

Best Run on Baldy? Exhibition and Lefty’s are my favs when they are ripe for the taking. They are interesting and challenging: right, left or straight down the middle.

Favorite Lunch Spot?  I’m not big on combining lunch with skiing. I just don’t have time to get bogged down and prefer to just snarf down a snack. Although my body somehow requires a Bowl of Soul for Apres, no matter what the time.

First Memory on Skis?  I have two (hundred). The first real memory was going down a patch of parental packed snow on a hill in our neighborhood. We’d get lugged up (again by the parents) and ski down…or at least try.  The packed snow hill (involving shovels) represented a huge effort on the part of my folks and there are some fun pictures to prove it.

The second is letting the rope tow at Nashoba Valley (MA) whirr through my mitts as I tried to get brave enough to really grab on and go. That thing was fast and furious. And scary. But it had the advantage of making the ski down seem easy.

When did you learn to ski?  I learned when I was 2 years old. The between-the-legs, work-my-parents-back method was our only option. Lucky for them we figured it out pretty fast. Unlucky for us, my big brother and I both broke our legs at 5 and 3 years old (at Stowe and Nashoba the same winter). After that, we figured it out a little better, so it was easier on everybody.

Favorite Memory on Skis?  That’s tough as there are memories galore. Eastern skiing, western skiing, dabbling in Europe, good days and GREAT. My fondest memory of skiing (as recently as two hours ago) remains the FREEING feeling that magically happens while on the slopes. There is nothing on earth that compares.

Favorite Off-Mountain Activity?  Let’s see…with kids, I’d have to say sledding, tubing and hockey. Without kids, I gotta give nordic skiing the nod, even though it doesn’t happen very much. It is great for the dogs and good to clear the head and inhale that mountain air while getting exercise!

Do you have a skiing or mountain obsession (something you couldn’t live without)?  Hats. I pretty much love hats and could not live without them.  I do wear a helmet as it’s the right thing to do, but oh how I love my hats. Oh, and ski apparel too (jackets, pants, outerwear)…but I’ve really gotten a grip on that. Really.

Why Sun Valley–what do you love about it?  I love Stoecklein’s Baldy poster from way back.  It evokes what Sun Valley is to me: magnetic, peaceful, wondrous, alluring, changing, quiet, western. And after one year (tops): HOME. And now, 23 years later, it’s still home.

What is Your Passion?  I’m passionate about coaching. It seems I’ve found my niche in ski coaching and instructing, adults and kids alike. I like to empower people to become better and it lights me up when they do.

What is your job on the mountain? I am in the midst of year seven with the Sun Valley SnowSports School, and count my blessings every day, as I’m a ski instructor and there are a lot of times when it doesn’t feel like a job. It hardly feels like work on an early-up powder morning with clients (most of whom become, or have become, friends) or while skiing, and laughing, with “my” Thursday Smith kids. So guess I am a living example of the philosophy that you should do what you love and it usually works out.

Parting Thoughts… When my parents come out to visit, I always say thank you (for taking the time to teach us how to ski and introducing us to the industry and the mountain and the lifestyle). Thank you.