Shred: Jodie Foster Shares an Affinity for Idaho

By Mike McKenna

Like many of us who are far less famous, Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster is a big fan of skiing in Sun Valley. She regularly brings her family to carve turns here–though she’s yet to visit in the summer (if she only knew what she was missing!)–and has professed quite a fondness for the area and local community.

Last month, Foster was kind enough to do a fundraiser for the local award-winning theatre group, the Company of Fools.

Here are some of the jewels that Jodie Foster shared about acting and life.

On her dreams when she was a child actress: "I didn’t think I would be an actor (it wasn’t a ‘real job’) … I wanted to be a writer."

On first meeting and working with actor Robert De Niro: "I thought he was sooo boring."

After working with De Niro on "Taxi Driver" and earning her first Academy Award nomination: "Now I get what this job is."

On work and career: "Anybody who does anything has a love/hate relationship with it. It can’t be too challenging and it can’t be too boring."

On children: "When kids get bored doing what they’re doing they just stop doing it. I think that’s great."

On driving through the Valley: I drive "slowly, very slowly."

On Sun Valley and it’s surroundings: "Can I just say I love Idaho. There’s just something so touching about this community. So I keep coming back … it’s just a special place."



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