Schuss in Style!

Part I – The Jacket

Come on in, the shopping is fine!


It’s the question on everyone’s lips, or at least the glossed lips of women skiers who love beautiful clothes. What will be hot on the slopes of Baldy this season? We’re glad you asked, because this week, the dedicated staff at the Brass Ranch boutique in the Sun Valley Village is busy unpacking and hanging exquisite pieces that will make you look as great as you ski. There is something for every taste, as well as amazing accessories that can be layered – turning one jacket and pant combo into lots of different looks.

Pretty, bright layering pieces by Bogner

Lee McCune and Rebecca Fundy, who have been with Brass Ranch for many years, are enthusiastic, giddy even, about the season’s ski togs. “There are bright colors, there are subdued neutrals, a little bling, a little fur, simplicity or lots of details – it’s a year where everyone will see something they love,” Rebecca enthused.  Indeed, if you can’t find something to like this season, you may have to dig out your one-piece or stirrup pants from the 1980s.  Everything else is on the racks in an updated, trendy incarnation.

Here are a few of the jackets that caught my eye and may make my holiday wish list:

This Rossignol jacket typifies the direction the storied company is headed this year – back to their roots. The look worked for decades and I am glad it’s back, better than ever.


KJUS is on the cutting edge this season as the first ski wear designer to use dyed down.  This parka features pink/purple down covered with transparent fabric.  The result is lovely!


Natural fibers are making a comeback, from traditional ski sweaters to coats like this one that incorporate wool for warmth. A true classic from Bogner’s timeless line.


Cozy and chic

Over-the-top is one way to describe this special coat from Bogner. From shred to street is another. This stunner is reversible: fur on one side, a gorgeous fire engine red on the other.  Turn heads on the slopes with the weather-proof red shell; turn it inside out and you’re ready for Gallery Walk, a drink at the Duchin Room and a night on the town.

My friend and I decided we needed to test this reversible luxury coat for ourselves.

I have a good friend who skis as much as I do (not my friend pictured above. She is very glam). We joke that our trail preferences (she lives for bumps. I don’t) are as different as what we wear on the hill.  We liken ourselves to the Spice Girls – she is Sporty Spice, I am Posh. Her picks run to the classic functional KJUS, featuring bright colors, geometric designs, lots of zippers and specially purposed pockets.  I am a Jet Set and Bogner kind of girl.  I have never met a pair of ski pants featuring a dragon snaking up the legs and across my lower back that I haven’t loved.  My favorite puffy parka is bright, aluminum foil silver. But this year, judging by what is appearing on the racks at Brass Ranch, both Sporty and Posh and everyone in between will find something to make them look and feel stylish this winter.

No matter your ski fashion look, if you want to wear the outfit of your dreams this year, shop early. Lee reminded that each ski jacket and pant at Brass Ranch (in the Village and at the base of River Run on Bald Mountain) is stocked in only one of each size. Get them while you can!

Some of the season’s pretty details –