Make ‘em Laugh

Come on in, it's comedy night at the Duchin Room!

Come on in, it's comedy night at the Duchin Room!

It is widely held that laughter is medicine for the soul. If this is the case, dozens and dozens of people in Sun Valley Saturday night got a strong dose of life affirming laughter at the Duchin Room Comedy Series. An overflow crowd packed the historic lounge at the Sun Valley Lodge, laughing out loud, clapping and cheering for the stand-up comedy of Dwight Slade.

Slade, a comedian of international repute and a frequent visitor to the Sun Valley area, went right at local culture. Nothing was off-limits, from the strictly enforced 25 mph speed limit through Bellevue on the way to Sun Valley that drives him nuts, to the locals need to one-up each another when it comes to athletic pursuits. He delivered a hilariously funny account of a “typical” morning at a local coffee shop. To paraphrase, Slade explained, even if you closed down the bars on Main Street the night before, all you need to do the following day to redeem yourself is pull on some Spandex, wipe a little “sweat” onto your forehead and loudly explain the epic 50k loop you just completed. Whether or not you actually did it is totally beside the point.

Dwight Slade had the large audience cheering

Funny man Dwight Slade had the large crowd roaring

The headliner earned a five-star review from Scotland’s Minister of Culture at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He has performed in Afghanistan for US troops and at many comedy festivals. His credits also include a Tonight Show feature and a Hi-Def Comedy Special.  But what really resonated with the audience of well over a hundred Saturday night, were his ties to the Valley.

Stefan Davis, another very funny man, warmed up the crowd before Slade took the stage, gathering a standing room only crowd. His conversational and self-effacing style won everyone over immediately.

The comedy series will continue for the next two weekends and runs from approximately 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. There is no cover charge. If past weeks are any indication, be sure to arrive early to secure your seat, order a specialty cocktail and even some food. Then sit back and prepare to laugh the night away.

Have a cocktail and relax

Have a cocktail and relax. The comedy is really good

Next up is Patrick Keane, who boasts multiple appearances on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and appearances on Comedy Central. He will light up the Duchin Room on February 15 and 16 along with Leif Skyving.  On February 22 and 23, don’t miss the antics of Claude Stuart who has appeared on the Tonight Show and Last Comic Standing. Opening for Claude is Gary Cannon.

Come on out. It’s free. It’s really, really funny. And it feels good to laugh.