Lift Line: Surviving Sun Valley on College Break

By Steve Reighley

 Are you on college break enjoying Baldy’s steep runs but struggling with Ketchum and Sun Valley’s steep prices?  There are plenty of ways save your wallet this winter ‘s break and still have a great time.  Whether it’s with skiing, dining, or simply getting around town, keep an eye out for new deals and ways to save.


For skiers, don’t forget to inquire about the College Six Pack, which allows you to ski any six days throughout the winter for the price of just $259.  Saving $43 a day, or the College Triple Play pass for just $139. Now these are tough to beat no matter where you are.

Getting Around

Save some gas money and utilize Mountain Rides.  Sun Valley’s free public transportation system is a great option for getting around town and to and from the ski areas (Baldy and the terrain park on Dollar) without having to spend a dime.  No matter where you’re staying there should be an easily accessible bus stop for one of the many free bus routes.  Hop on board and save time, money and the environment.

Eating Out

If you find yourself dumbfounded by the food and drink prices in ski towns these days, at least one wallet saving option awaits right across the street from Warm Springs Lodge.  No, it’s not a Ramen Noodle outlet store, it’s  Irving’s Red Hots. You can grab a tasty, affordable hot dog and be back on the slopes in no time.  Saving a little extra money for some aprs beers on the sun drenched deck at Warm Springs or for some of Sun Valley’s wonderful nightlife. If you’re looking for a cold beer and some grub after a long day of skiing, check out the happy hour specials at some of Sun Valley’s best restaurants (This article highlighting the Valley’s best Aprs Skiing options).

So if you’re on college break and trying to save a buck, be mindful of options like these and don’t let the high prices keep you from having a good time.