Room from the Resort: The President’s Cottage

Step back in time in the President's Cottage

Welcome to the third installment of Mrs. Sun’s Rooms from the Resort series, where I take a peek inside one of the many varied “rooms” on offer at Sun Valley Resort. The aim is to provide you with a traveller’s-eye-view; meaning totally spontaneous, no pre-prep or fancy lighting, just exactly what you’ll see as you open your door to your Sun Valley vacation.

In the shadow of the grand Sun Valley Lodge sits a quaint little cottage. Seemingly plucked out of a chocolate box scene depicting a mountaintop Austrian village, this two bedroom abode is one of the original Sun Valley Resort buildings. And if I had my choice of anywhere on the property to spend a little downtime (especially during Sun Valley Summer Symphony season), this would be my pick.

The two bedroom cottage is situated between the Harriman and Guest cottages, on the edge of the lawn that boasts the multi-million dollar Sun Valley Pavilion, making it an ideal getaway for a symphony-loving couple, imagine whipping up a simple meal in your fully-equipped kitchen and then relaxing on the delightful patio as the sounds of Bach waft over you.

Here’s a quick picture tour of the President’s Cottage:

The inside of the President's Cottage is deceptively spacious. An open floor plan connecting the sitting area, dining room and kitchen is enhanced by a giant picture window that welcomes in the famous Sun Valley sun.

This is the smallest of the cottages on offer at the resort, and, while it’s not exactly off-the-beaten path (being located right by the road that runs behind the Lodge, and come symphony-time you won’t have that large lawn all to yourself), it is one of the most historic. So step back in time (while still enjoying flat screen TVs and granite countertops), and imagine you’re an East Coast socialite, honeymooning with your hunky new Austrian ski-instructor husband… .

With two small, but well-appointed bedrooms, it's the view and spacious outdoor patio that make this historical hideaway my top pick of the Sun Valley Resort rooms.

Happy Trails!

Mrs. Sun

Details: Priced from $600 – $1,100 a night (price varies based on season and weekend versus weeknights), this two bedroom, two bath cottage includes a kitchen, living room, dining room and fireplace, plus, for two weeks a year, a free symphony! For more details click here or call 1.800.786.8259.