Warren Miller’s Flow State

Warren Miller’s Flow State

October 26 & 27, 2012

Sun Valley Opera House

Show Times:

October 26 at 7pm

October 27 at 5pm & 8pm

Introducing Warren Miller Entertainment’s 63rd film, Flow State. The Flow State is a place of such singular focus that, here, the faster you ride, the slower time passes. Join host Jonny Moseley and world-class skiers like Ted Ligety, Colby West and Jess McMillan as Flow State takes you on a tour of the world’s most striking mountains—including peaks in Japan, Switzerland, Norway and beyond. You won’t see ski or snowboard action of this magnitude anywhere else. So buckle up, because this Warren Miller film will take you into the Flow State…where the mountain meets the mind.Get tickets at warrenmiller.com.