Shred: Cool Kids’ Ski Stuff

Sesame Street Knitwits make kids (and the kids in all of us) happy.

By Mike McKenna

One of the best parts of being a kid is that you get to wear fun and funky stuff that you wouldn’t be caught dead in as adult–unless, that is, you’re going to a Halloween party or it’s a flashback day on the mountain like an ode to the ’80s.

With that in mind, the SV Shred crew checked in with the staff at Pete Lane’s Mountain Sports at Dollar Mountain to find out what kind of fun kid’s stuff has been flying off the shelves this season. So here are a few of the top cool kids’ items this year:

Sesame Street Knitwits

These one-size-fits-all, New Zealand wool and fleece-lined hats and gloves that resemble Sesame Street favorites like Grover and the Cookie Monster or wild animals like owls, pigs and even wookiees have been a huge hit. Knitwits not only keep kids (and some adventurous adults) warm, they make the wearer easy to spot in a crowd and put smiles on the faces of the rest of us. "They’re so cute. They’ve been flying out of here," says Stephanie Cook, a cashier at Pete Lane’s.

Neck Gaitors

Sometimes called "buffs," micro-fleece neck gaitors come in a variety of colors and designs and can be used to keep a lot more than just necks warm. A lot less bulky but no less warm than most scarves, they also can be used to cover faces and be twisted into make-shift hats as well. And Pete Lane’s at Dollar is even offering a sale on buffs with Sun Valley’s 75thAnniversary design on them for a mere $4.95, while supplies last.

Helmet covers are a great way to add some warmth and style.

Colorful Skis and Helmet Covers

Atomic has a line of unique and colorful skis designed specifically for kids that not only help youngsters shred the mountain, but do so in style.  Helmet covers not only help kids keep warm on cold and windy days, they also make spotting a child in the sea of young shredders much easier. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

"The fun part of this job is seeing the kids get so excited about skiing," Stephanie explains with a big smile.


[And don’t forget to check in with Pete Lane’s for some great deals. This week they’re offering 25% off on all RED helmets and Anon goggles in both kids and adult sizes.]