The Great Antique Steam Car Western Tour


We heard today that the oldest cars you probably have ever seen will be stopping by at the River Run Plaza on Saturday morning for a visit. This is a stop on the Great Western Tour of the Antique Steam Car Club and they’ll have their cool old steam powered cars on display right next to the bridge there at River Run. Come on by and see them!

We’ll be there

Beer and Wine Offered at River Run

This just in….Jessica’s Coffee cart at the River Run Plaza now offers the coldest beers and refreshing wines along with all her delicious coffee drinks and snacks daily while the Roundhouse Gondola is running. So come on down and enjoy the scenery, sit in the shade, or work on your tan and enjoy a cool one while you are there.

See you there

James Taylor and Carole King Tonight


James Taylor and local favorite Carole King will be continuing their extremely successful national tour tonight with a stop at our River Run Plaza.  Alas, all sold out.  Instantly, in fact, the day they went on sale some months ago. We only wish we had more seats. (Working on it, by the way) And that is why, in case you noticed, the Gondola closed early today. They are setting up the stage for the show all day today.

But all will be back to normal Tuesday morning for all the hikers and bikers and flyers that have been up every day.  And the Weather Service is  forecasting hot, hot, hot weather for the rest of the week so plan to take your lunch break at the Roundhouse, or ride up just for the fresh air, or try an afternoon glass of wine on the deck up there.  I promise you, it is worth the trip.

We’re hearing rumors that they might go back to starting the lifts at 9am instead of 10…Anybody have an opinion on that?  We know there were a few early hikers that got their schedules messed up by the 10:00 opening.  A nice gesture, if they do it.  We’ll see…

Look for our earlier blog with the description of the Bald Mountain Trail. You’ll find it a tough hike up, but a beautiful walk, and a very civilized trip down on the Gondola (free).

See you there

Musician Dave Mason to perform at River Run on July 21

A Celebration of Mountain Life

a benefit for the family of Tim Michael and in recognition and gratitude to all Wood River Valley First Responders at River Run will take place on Wednesday, July 21.

Dave Mason, Kole Moulton and the Lonely Road and the Disciples of Rock to perform at River Run Wednesday, July 21 from 5-9pm.
Tickets are $20, Kids age 12 and under are $5.

From noon to 4pm there will be emergency rescue equipment demonstrations.

Concert tickets are available at Atkinsons Markets in Ketchum and Hailey. $20 for adults, and $5 for kids 12 & under.

Can you believe it?  Here, in  our little town, the ever popular Dave Mason with the disciples of Rock…That River Run concert venue is proving itself to be a great one for performers and enthusiasts both!  What a great spot though, cooler when the sun gets lower, and beautiful with the mountain at your back and the river just in front as you sit on the grass enjoying the show.  And the acoustics are amazing there, it seems the mountainside captures the music and bounces it right back at you. It will be a memorable evening for everybody.

This one is a benefit, organized by the tireless Julie Gallagher and members of the Sun Valley Ski Patrol for the family of Tim Michael who left us this winter while skiing on Baldy. And it is part of a whole afternoon of activities there at the River Run Plaza.   There will be displays and demonstrations by the Wood River Valley First Responders and the Ski Patrol.   The gondola will be running, and there will be lunch served at the Roundhouse during the day. You’ll see games and fun stuff for everybody, kids included.

There will be BBQ, a no-host bar, a silent auction and a raffle for 2 season ski passes on Baldy. The whole Ski Patrol will be out, enjoying the event, and offering the latest version of the Ski Patrol t-shirts and hats for sale. It all goes to a good cause. And a good time for everybody.

Bring the kids and bring your own picnics if you prefer, but be sure to come help out, you won’t regret it.

See you there

It’s Hot Out There, and Cool on Baldy

 It seems that July has finally arrived, and now it’s getting pretty hot out there around town. It could be in the 80′s today, possibly even the 90′s by the weekend. The coolest place in the valley  will have to be the Roundhouse up on Baldy. Great place for lunch at the BBQ on the deck, or a nice sitdown meal inside around the fireplace.  They are telling us that the restaurant is considerably less crowded than it was last weekend, so it might be a great time to get up there and give it a look.  And you can ride right on up to the summit at the old Lookout building, stroll around take some pics, and if you are lucky, it is always fun to watch the parasailers take off from the top.  

Ask the mountain guys about the walking trails available, and bike rentals there at Pete Lane’s.  Kaleb is almost always  there and will be happy to supply maps, directions, schedules, even water and snacks if needed.

Look at our previous blog about the Bald Mountain Trail, it describes the hike up, but you could always use it for the walk down just as easily. Think about bringing a light jacket or sweater as well so you don’t get surprised…

See you there

…And it Flows

The mountain guys call it the “Flow Zone”, but it could also be described as a cross between a pump park and a cross country bike trail. It lays in the aspen trees just upstream from the bridge at River Run covering about 2 acres of nice shady turf with trails snaking around and through the trees. Look for the two blue Sun Valley Flags on your right just before you go over the bridge, and follow the track there. You’ll find single track and some double track with bumps, banked turns, pump bumps, and three and four-way intersections with triangle berms in the middle. A great place to polish up your turns and bump skills. I rode there for about 30 minutes the other day, and went and soaked my feet in the river right there by the log. Try this spot, you’ll love it, and then coffee at Jessica’s coffee stand on the Plaza, and you’re ready for Baldy… Now there’s some cross country. More on that later.  See you

And the last day is here…

It is 8:30 in the morning on the last day of the season. The sun is shining, coffee is brewing, it is a balmy 36 degrees on top of our beloved Bald Mountain, the wind is still, and we can’t wait to get up there! Grab your skis, your board, your Big Feet, your Snow Blades, your mono-ski, or something with a lot of wax on the bottom and head out to the mountain today.

It is the last day of what has been a great season and we couldn’t imagine a better day to end it on. And when your legs can’t take anymore, head to any of the apres-parties at River Run Plaza (with the Kim Stocking Band), Warm Springs Lodge (with the 812 Band) or at Apple’s on the Warm Springs Side.  And don’t forget that any Sun Valley Resort Pass is a season pass today! So if you already used up your 20/20 or if you have a discount pass, today you ski for free!

Thanks to everyone for an amazing 2009/2010! It has been a season of great changes, great skiing, and a great community! Thanks to Tim Silva, Peter Stearns, the Sun Valley Ski Patrol, Guest Services, the Mountain Department, the Snowmakers, the Lift Operators, the Race Department, the Sun Valley Ski and Ride School, everyone in all the mountain lodges, everyone who enjoyed the snow on Baldy and every guy or girl in town that tuned our skis/boards. See you next year!

The end of the ski season is near, head up and enjoy Baldy while you still can!

It is Thursday and the last weekend of the ski season is upon, so get your skis on, strap onto your snowboard and head up on the mountain. The conditions are perfectly springlike, with plenty of corn to shred, plenty of groomers to cruise, and plenty of the mountain still left to be enjoyed. After today there are three more days of the 2009/2010 season and spend them with us, on the mountain we all love.

Take advantage of Sun Valley Resort’s new “Christmas in April” Deal on Sunday when a passholder of any kind can ski for free, come join the revelry on River Run Plaza with the Kim Stocking Band, or enjoy the tunes of the 812 Band at Warm Springs Lodge throughout the weekend. Another great season on Baldy is coming to a close, so get out there and enjoy it while you can!!

College Student $99 Triple-Play Sun Valley Ski Pass On Sale Now

Spring Break in Sun Valley

Spring-Break skiing just got even better!
Full-time college students can now ski for three days at Sun Valley Resort for only $99. The Triple-Play Ski Pass is valid from March 1, 2010 through the end of the ski season. That’s right, three days skiing for only $33 per day! What’s more is that the three days do not have to be used consecutively and the pass is renewable. Triple-Play ski passes may be purchased now at the River Run ticket office with valid college I.D. For more information call (208) 622-6136.

The ski season is almost here and it’s the perfect day for a party: the 2009/2010 Winter Expo and Gondola Ganza

It’s almost here. Snow is falling. Lifts are moving. Skis around town are coming out of garages and getting a fresh tune. The snow guns are running full force. The 2009/2010 ski season is literally, just around the corner. And with the completion of the new gondola, Sun Valley decided it was time to celebrate.

Today was the Sun Valley Winter Expo and Gondola ‘Ganza at the base of River Run, and it was the perfect way to open the season. A traditional ribbon cutting ceremony kicked off the day and included speeches by mountain manager, Peter Stearns, the president of lift company Doppelmayr, the mayors of both Sun Valley and Ketchum, and Sun Valley owner, Carol Holding. The excitement was palpable, as thousands of people drank beer and free hot cocoa in the mile-long line to get a free ride on the new gondola, River Run Express #2.

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