I was thinking about Warren Miller today.

I was thinking about Warren Miller today. Ever since I was a kid, each year at his shows he would say, "…you’ll just be one year older when you do." Today, about 40 years later, I finally did take his advice and went skiing with the great folks at Sun Valley Heli-Guides. Why did I wait so long? What a great day!

The day began early with a great breakfast at the Sun Valley Lobby Lounge that could hardly be called ‘Continental. Eggs, fresh pasties, a selection of meats and fresh fruit were laid out in culinary splendor.

The guides for the day were Bozo Cardoza and Pat Deal – each long-time locals. The groups were pretty small with only four people per guide. I definitely felt like I was getting the personal attention that I was hoping for. Even after sucking some big air after a couple of head-over-heel tumbles, Pat was vary patient and encouraging for an old guy who had put off his dream for way too long.  We skied the high peaks of the Boulder Range, topping out at 10,600 feet and dropping in for over 3,000 blissful and uninterrupted vertical. Knife-ridged summits fell away on both sides of the landing zones. Big lines and steeps. I had to ask myself the question, "Am I really going to ski that?" Oh yeah, and it was great! Skiing knee-deep, untracked snow one week after the last big dump was a real treat.

Afterwards, I told my wife, Jana, that it was one of the top five days of my life. She asked, "What were the other four?" Quickly, I explained that the birth of our two children, the day we got married and the day I met her. Luckily, that satisfied her curiosity or I might’ve spent the night on the couch.

I went back to re-living the day’s adventures both above and within the mountains surrounding Sun Valley.  In short, Sun Valley Heli-Guides – a division of Epic Quest – know how to take care of people and put on a good show. After 35 years skiing here and relishing Warren Miller’s commentary, I finally put everything aside to take advantage of the experience of a lifetime. And so should all of us or, simply put, we’ll just be one year older when we do.

Sun Valley Heli Ski Trips begin December 27

Photo of a powder skier near Sun Valley

Make your reservations now for epic backcountry skiing! Sun Valley Heli Ski Guides will begin operations 10 days earlier than scheduled due to above average early season snowfall. The first day of operations will be December 27th.
A series of large Pacific storms have dropped several feet of fresh snow in the mountains surrounding Sun Valley and produced backcountry conditions which allow for the start of the heli ski season.

"Our terrain has received an abundance of high quality snow over the past several weeks and the backcountry is ready for heli skiing. We are excited to be able to offer heli skiing to Sun Valley visitors over the holidays." says Scott Desserault, Business Manager for Sun Valley Heli Ski.

Sun Valley Heli Ski is the oldest heli ski operation in the continental US and is celebrating its’ 45th year of operation. It operates out of Sun Valley Resort and the Smoky Mountain Lodge; the only fly-in heli ski lodge in the lower 48. In 2008, Sun Valley Heli Ski became part of EpicQuest, which also owns and operates Chugach Powder Guides, Alaska’s largest heli ski provider.
For additional information on Sun Valley Heli Ski and EpicQuest, contact Scott Desserault at 208.622.3108.