Tree Lighting Ceremony. Sun Valley Village. December 20th, 2014

Better than ever, this iconic celebration will feature Santa, Sun Valley Carolers, gingerbread/cookie decorating, live holiday music, food offerings, hot cocoa, free “wrap-n-run” gift wrapping at Signatures and more!!


Ice Theatre of New York 2014 Residency Performance. Saturday, September 20th @ 7:30pm.

2014 Sun Valley Residency Performance

Saturday September 20th at 7:30 P.M. at Sun Valley Resort

Ice Theatre of New York in honor of our 2014 Sun Valley Residency is proud to present the premier of our innovative show ICE: DANCE with 12 of the world’s top dancers on ice including:   US Men’s Champion Ryan Bradley,

National and World Competitors Brent Bommentre and Kim Navarro, World Team Members Eve Chalom and Joel Dear; and making their Ice Theatre Debut 2014 National Ice Dance competitors Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giuletti-Schmitt.

The performance  will feature the premiere of two new works, one by ballet great, Edward Villella, and another by renowned modern dance choreographer Jacqulyn Buglisi. For more information and tickets please visit


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Opening Day for Summer Gondola Operations. June 27, 2015

Head down to the base of River Run June 27th for the opening day of the Gondola.
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Warren Miller Entertainment Presents “No Turning Back” at The Opera House. November 1st and 2nd.

“Warren Miller’s 2014 film, No Turning Back, pays homage to the 65 years of mountain culture and adventure filmmaking that has lead WME to every end of the winter world. We’re taking a legacy that dates back to before skis had edges and mountains had condos and we’re running with it to the steepest peaks around the globe and back to the Mom and Pop hills that define skiing and riding.

Since he began creating films in 1949, Warren Miller has known that as skiers and riders, there’s no need to look back, we have to continuously drive to keep our edge and chase the snow. This year, we prove that not much has changed when it comes to why it is these athletes tilt and turn down mountains and pray for storms. Sheer delight. Welcome this winter season and remember there’s No Turning Back.”

For more information and to watch the trailer visit

November 1st Showings at the Opera House: 6:00pm and 9:00pm

November 2nd Showing at the Opera House: 5:00pm

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Yoga On The Mountain. Saturday, September 6th at River Run. 8:45am and 10:00am classes.

 Head down to the base of River Run this Saturday the 6th for complimentary yoga classes at 8:45am and 10:00am. It will be in conjunction with the last weekend of the gondola, so all participants will receive a voucher for a reduced rate on the gondola.
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Family Of Women Festival. Feb 28-March 1, 2015.

The Family of Woman Film Festival was launched in 2007 by Friends of UNFPA Board Member, Peggy Elliott Goldwyn, in Sun Valley, to bring attention to the work of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. The first year, four films were presented highlighting the status of women in the developing world.

The festival has grown to include five films, both drama and documentary, along with guest speakers from UNFPA, who give free lectures to the public through the sponsorship of The Ketchum Community Library, as well as visits to local schools along with guest film-makers. Other local collaborators include The Community School, The Advocates for Survivors of Domestic Violence, The Wood River Religious Leadership Council, and St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation.

As well as the main Festival, other films have been presented as special events and a photographic exhibit by local women photographers of women and children in the developing world was presented, from which a series of note cards were developed to benefit UNFPA.

For a full list of scheduled events please visit

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Sun Valley Silver Car Auction. August 30th-31st.

“The Sun Valley Resort nestled in the high Wood River Valley frames Silver’s Labor Day Weekend car auction perfectly.” for more information please visit



The Artisans Invitational Show. August 1st-3rd. Fourth Street in Ketchum, Idaho.

Be sure to catch this year’s Artisan Invitational show in Ketchum, Idaho from 10am-5pm. The show will take place on Fourth Street between East Avenue and Walnut Avenue in Ketchum City Center. For more information please contact Janet Dunbar at 415-652-2743.

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The Doobie Brothers. Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 @ 7:00pm.

On Wednesday, August 20th, head out to the Sun Valley Pavilion to see the Doobie Brothers live in Concert. Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 8:00pm. Presented by Sun Valley Resort and Killebrew-Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament. For more tickets and additional information please visit



Get Ready to Play in the Glades

If you have hiked, biked, skied or snowboarded on Bald Mountain, particularly on the River Run side in and around the Frenchmen’s runs, you may have noticed some unhealthy looking trees. The culprits? Douglas-fir beetles (the population exacerbated by wildfires in the region over the past decade or so) and parasitic dwarf mistletoe.

In a newly announced measure, Sun Valley with the Ketchum Ranger District of the U.S. Forest Service is undertaking measures to manage certain forest stands on the mountain. A large-scale tree-thinning project was started in June and will continue for a few years. The aim is to reduce insect and disease infestation, improve forest health and growing conditions, enhance tree species diversity and reduce fuel loading from dead and dying trees.

Expect more of this after tree-thinning measures are put into place on Baldy. You can practically taste the powder!

Expect more of this after tree-thinning measures are put into place on Baldy. You can practically taste the powder!

An intended consequence of this work will also benefit recreationalists on Baldy. In addition to creating healthier and more fire-safe forests, the work will carve out new glade skiing. By next winter, you will be able to dip into large gladed areas, find amazing pockets of powder and enjoy new terrain consisting of open grown park-like stand conditions. Sounds pretty glorious on a hot summer’s day, doesn’t it?

The Sawtooth National Forest, USDA Forest Service and USDI Bureau of Land Management have authority over the 3,332 acre playground we call the Bald Mountain Ski Area. All entities are involved with Sun Valley Company in making this a successful endeavor.

The new efforts on Bald Mountain will improve the forest's health and enhance the experience for summer and winter recreational users

The new efforts on Bald Mountain will improve the forest's health and enhance the experience for summer and winter recreational users

Sun Valley’s tip-top mountain operations staff will complete the work. This involves employing, for the first time, a track hoe with a special blade. This “masticator” blade meets the challenges of Baldy’s steep slopes and can quickly bring down trees with a 14-inch diameter or less, turning trees into compost where they lie. Kerry O’Brien, grooming trail crew manager for Baldy for 30 years, is operating the special blade and is on the search for the healthiest looking trees to preserve while taking out the dead wood.

All work will be done under the standard of Best Management Practices, reducing impacts to soil, wildlife and healthy vegetation and will affect 182 acres of timbered stands over a three to five year period.

By summer’s end, work on about 25 acres in Frenchmen’s will be complete.

Picture yourself here, skiing new gladed terrain on Baldy next winter

Picture yourself here, enjoying new gladed terrain on Baldy next winter

With this concerted effort, Baldy will stay a verdant green in summer and boast a healthier tree population year-round. There will also be a little more white to play in during the winter. It’s a win-win!