Ski Patrol Mountain Update 3/11/09

Bryant Dunn is unfortunately absent this week but two other members of Sun Valley Ski Patrol, Dave Swenke and Sean Glaccum are filling in this week – along with Ski Patrol’s exchange visitor from France.

Early Spring Powder – Video

Mountain skiing and boarding conditions are fantastic – hurry, we’re open for little over 4 more weeks of awesome riding! Check out Sun Valley’s pristine corduroy and early spring powder!

Ski Patrol Mountain Update 3/4/09

Here’s the latest Bryant Dunn weather report for the upcoming week from stormy and snowy hills of Bald Mountain.

March 1, 2009 Riding Conditions

Here’s the latest video from the hills of Bald Mountain – this time we focus on the easy skiing on greens. We start off by cruising Upper College and make our way to Seattle Ridge runs, exploring Broadway, Gretchen’s Gold and Christin’s Silver, then take Mayday lift no.14 to the top and finish the ride at Warm Springs base of the mountain. Enjoy!

P.S. Got something to say? We’d love to hear your voice! Send us your comments, suggestions, ideas – things would like to see in our videos. Read more…

Ski Patrol Mountain update – 2/25/09

Sun Valley Ski Patrol Snow Safety Assistant Dryant Dunn brings you the latest on weather, skiing conditions and events happening in Sun Valley this week. Read more…

February 24, 2009 Skiing Conditions

Read more…

Nordic skiing invitation

Ned Wheeler, Director of Sun Valley Nordic Center encourages you to come on out and try cross country skiing on our 41Km of daily groomed Nordic trails. Come visit us in new state-of-the-art Nordic headquarters, the facility open to all Nordic skiers for the first time this winter. Looking forward to seeing out out here!

February 19, 2009 Skiing Conditions

Zana Davey, member of the Sun Valley Freestyle team along with coaches Jeff Page and Joey Cordeau invite you to ski the sun on a perfect “Sun Valley signature” day. Read more…

Ski Patrol Mountain Update – 2/18/09

Bryant Dunn, Snow Safety Assistant with Sun Valley Ski Patrol is back with his weekly weather forecast and riding conditions report. Looks like end of this weekend could bring us more snow, adding to 11″ we’ve got early this week. Check out the video for more info! Read more…

February 14, 2009 Skiing Conditions

Fall in love with skiing on Baldy this Valentine’s day! We’ve got 7″ of the white miracle last night and riding on Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain cannot get better than this!

We’re expecting more snow in next two days (see our latest Ski Patrol Mountain update) so President’s Week riding conditions will continue to be awesome! Read more…