Warren Miller Entertainment Presents “No Turning Back” at The Opera House. November 1st and 2nd.

“Warren Miller’s 2014 film, No Turning Back, pays homage to the 65 years of mountain culture and adventure filmmaking that has lead WME to every end of the winter world. We’re taking a legacy that dates back to before skis had edges and mountains had condos and we’re running with it to the steepest peaks around the globe and back to the Mom and Pop hills that define skiing and riding.

Since he began creating films in 1949, Warren Miller has known that as skiers and riders, there’s no need to look back, we have to continuously drive to keep our edge and chase the snow. This year, we prove that not much has changed when it comes to why it is these athletes tilt and turn down mountains and pray for storms. Sheer delight. Welcome this winter season and remember there’s No Turning Back.”

For more information and to watch the trailer visit http://www.skinet.com/warrenmiller/NTB-Trailer

November 1st Showings at the Opera House: 6:00pm and 9:00pm

November 2nd Showing at the Opera House: 5:00pm

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Spooky Sun Valley

In Sun Valley, any excuse to dress up in a costume is a good one. We ski and ride in costumes on numerous occasions. We mini-golf around town in costumes. So when Halloween, the sanctioned costume event of the calendar year rolls around, the party is sure to last all week.

At my house, Halloween is only slightly less important than Christmas. We spend the second half of October transforming the living room, dining room and kitchen into a spooky, haunted, spiderweb-ridden, talking skeleton kind of space. Then, each year, my son hosts his entire class for a Halloween ruckus. And we are not alone. From costumed ice skating, to the Hailey Hoopla, to a party in Ketchum that starts out kid-friendly and morphs into one of the most fun grown-up nights of the year, we close the streets, put out the welcome mats and invite every ghoul and goblin, of every age, out to enjoy some big fun.

Bellevue's Haunted Forest is terrifying -- in a good way

Bellevue's Haunted Forest is terrifying -- in a good way

Starting in the South Valley, Halloween enthusiasts can prepare to be spooked and even scared out of their wits at the Bellevue Haunted Forest. On October 29 and 30, the Howard Preserve comes to reanimated life. At the site of the old town dump, Zombies and ghosts and spirits of all kinds will give a little scare before dark, but after the sun sets … all bets are off! This is a fun, safe, entertaining night that benefits the newly reopened, public Howard Preserve. Tickets are $7.50 and are available at The Bead Shop in Hailey, Splash & Dash and Mahoney’s in Bellevue and at the gate.

Little trick-or-treaters look forward every year to the Halloween Hoopla (photo: Suzanne Buchanan)

Little trick-or-treaters look forward every year to the Halloween Hoopla (photo: Suzanne Buchanan)

Hailey is Halloween central and on October 31, beginning at 3 p.m., Main Street rhymes with trick or treat. The 8th installment of the family-friendly Halloween Hoopla event lasts until 6 p.m. and takes place throughout downtown Hailey. Look for black and orange balloons outside participating businesses. Costumes are de rigueur and a costume contest at The Liberty Theatre will be awarding prizes for Halloween enthusiasts of all ages, all afternoon in half-hour intervals. Music, food and drink and a “spook alley” will provide affordable, family-friendly fare. Safe and fun even for the littlest trick or treaters, be sure to put this on your Halloween schedule.

In Sun Valley on the 31st, take your costume and your best moves to the ice. The Sun Valley Outdoor Ice Rink is offering a special skating package for those in costume from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For only $8, you get admission, skate rental and a beautiful day or night in the fresh fall air. Please call 208-622-2194 for more information.

Three gorgeous local ladies show just how seriously we take Halloween at the Nightmare on Main Street

Three gorgeous local ladies show just how seriously we take Halloween at the Nightmare on Main Street (photo Sonya Johnston)

The party continues into the night – well into the night – in Ketchum on Thursday. The annual Nightmare On Main Street begins at 7 p.m. and goes through last call, finally shutting down at 2 a.m. Main Street closes to allow revelers to take to the street and enjoy a wide assortment of food and libations. A kids’ costume contest takes place at 8 p.m. (best girl, best boy and overall). Later, at 10 p.m., the adults are judged for best male, best female, creepiest, sexiest, group and overall. If past years are any indication, Sun Valley is one creative place when it comes to homemade costumes. The group category is usually full of handmade, outlandish and hysterical ideas. Music from local DJs will keep the party going outside until 11 p.m.

Warren Miller's latest film is a treat after Halloween. Let the snow season begin!

Warren Miller's latest film is a treat after Halloween. Let the snow season begin!

Most years, Halloween also marks the change from fall to winter in this part of the world. Indian summer often hangs on with warm temperatures and sunny skies in late October before giving way in November to crisp days and hints of snow. Which is perfect, as Baldy is scheduled to open for an amazing season at Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving in Sun Valley is as peaceful and lovely as Halloween is crazy around here. The Resort invites guests to come, relax, ski or ride and enjoy a fuss-free Thanksgiving, all at special prices.

Join fellow snow lovers to count down to ski and snowboard season with a screening of Warren Miller's new action film at the Sun Valley Opera House. Winter officially kicks off Nov. 1 and 2 with Miller's Ticket to Ride

Join fellow snow lovers to count down to ski and snowboard season with a screening of Warren Miller's new action film at the Sun Valley Opera House. Winter officially kicks off Nov. 1 and 2 with Miller's Ticket to Ride

The change of season also brings with it the unofficial kick-off to the snow season when the latest Warren Miller action film comes to the Sun Valley Opera House. Skiers and riders anxious for the first flakes to fly crowd into the theater to enjoy Miller’s famous brand of filmmaking, as well as special promotions and prizes. This year, Miller’s latest movie, Ticket to Ride, will celebrate big mountain skiing and riding, the craziest tricks on snow and the highest peaks from Montana to Alaska; from Kazkhstan to Iceland; from Greenland to Switzerland. Nothing gets locals in the mood for the coming season like this annual event. There are three screenings of Ticket to Ride, on Friday, November 1 at 7 p.m. and on Saturday, November 2 at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Enjoy a safe, spooky Halloween and the transition to early winter! Boo!


Happy Halloween from my two favorite blobs!

Happy Halloween from my two favorite blobs!

Warren Miller’s Flow State

Warren Miller’s Flow State

October 26 & 27, 2012

Sun Valley Opera House

Show Times:

October 26 at 7pm

October 27 at 5pm & 8pm

Introducing Warren Miller Entertainment’s 63rd film, Flow State. The Flow State is a place of such singular focus that, here, the faster you ride, the slower time passes. Join host Jonny Moseley and world-class skiers like Ted Ligety, Colby West and Jess McMillan as Flow State takes you on a tour of the world’s most striking mountains—including peaks in Japan, Switzerland, Norway and beyond. You won’t see ski or snowboard action of this magnitude anywhere else. So buckle up, because this Warren Miller film will take you into the Flow State…where the mountain meets the mind.Get tickets at warrenmiller.com.

Lift Line: The KSVHS Heritage and Ski Museum

The Ketchum-Sun Valley Ski & Heritage Museum.

Preserving the History of the Wood River Valley

 By Alec Barfield

The Sun Valley Heritage and Ski Museum  (KSVHS) is best walked into when it’s snowing. Of course any season will do, the property is a tree-filled compound of traditional white barns with green trim that is picturesque year-round. But when it’s snowing the museum beckons like a warm fireplace, the hearth by which we can gather and hear stories of Wood River Valley’s rich and colorful history. For reasons that don’t need explaining, this collection honoring skiers and winter soldiers, architects and local celebrities simply kindles brightest when it’s white outside.

First leased by the KSVHS from the National Park Service in 1993, the museum sits quietly on Washington Avenue and 1st Street. The interior, however, was renovated in 1995 and is now contemporary, with exhibits organized spaciously between the separate Heritage and Ski Museum buldings. The first of these are the Jimmy Griffith and the Don and Gretchen Fraser collections, which are housed in the latter. Regional history at its finest. The photo and award displays tell the stories of three Sun Valley residents, each a legend in the sport that has defined this community for more than 75 years.

Ski movie posters form Warren Miller's films.

The ski protion of the museum is a tribute to these heroes and others, an extensive presentation of those who have contributed so much to shaping this resort community. Stroll through the "Ancient Skiers" exhibit and you’ll find rare photos of Andy Hennig, vintage Sun Valley ads from the 1960s and a mountain of classic images depicting life and sport in Ketchum. Equally significant is the fact that the Ancient Skiers Club, a group of individuals who have been skiing since before World War II, recently had a gathering at the museum–living additions to a museum that already features many of the club’s members.

What’s incredible about both the Heritage and Ski Museum is how personal many of the holdings are to people in this Valley. Although 75 years is monumental, the Sun Valley Story, which is also an exhibit, remains a foggy but memorable experience. Yet this won’t be the case for long and the Historical Society is committed to preserving both the recent and bygone eras of Ketchum and Sun Valley. As much as people love to walk the photo-filled hallways of the Sun Valley Lodge, it’s truly a blessing that we can expand our knowledge and appreciation by visiting a substantial museum, who’s only goal is to collect and preserve regional history.

Who knew that Freidl Pfeifer, Sun Valley’s second ski school director, helped to train 10th Mountain Division in the 1940s? Or that Stanley Underwood, the architect behind the historic Sun Valley Lodge, was famous for establishing the now standard aesthetic of National Park Service buildings? Whether you consider these mere pieces of trivia or details that reveal the center-most fabric of our community, the Heritage and Ski Museum is a cultural asset worth exploring.

The 10th Mountain Division exhibit.

For instance, there’s the visually diverse, "Warren Miller and the Art of Ski Cinematography." Miller started his illustrious career in the River Run parking lot, where he lived in a trailer and causally filmed with friends. Relics of his path from there to Hollywood dot the walls of this exhibit. There are timeless posters of Miller’s "Beyond the Edge" and "Ski People," there’s a projector running other famous movies and there’s even a large collage of ski cartoons sketched by the iconic director himself. However, it’s temporary, so go examine the artifacts of this great pioneer before it’s too late.

Another highlight, which has permanent status, focuses on another prominent Sun Valley character, Ernest Hemingway. Housed on the property’s third barn, is the hallway of "Hemingway in Idaho." More than just a few classic images, the exhibit is a full and elegant presentation of Ernest Hemingway’s two decades of living, writing and hunting in the Wood River Valley. This collection of photos is just one of many reminders in the Heritage Museum that the story of this place extends beyond skiing, even if winter sports does anchor so much of its history. So if you’re a fan of Hemingway, this unassuming celebration of the author in an area he loved is a must-see!

Yet "Hemingway in Idaho" and "Art of Cinematography" are just the beginning. The Ski and Heritage Museum has eight permanent collections, with three temporary exhibits currently in circulation. They also host weekly events, like February 1st’s 2012 Sun Valley Ski Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, during which a handful of candidates will be chosen and their plaques placed in the Ski Museum, next to the likes of Bobbie Burns and William Janss. Although only one of many dates on the KSVHS calendar, the ceremony symbolizes the museum’s function; it is the community’s time capsule, that fireplace of memories, while also being the window out which we can admire the present. History is made everyday, and it’s wonderful that the museum recognizes the on-going nature of its subject matter by recognizing Sun Valley’s latest icons.

If you have time on snowy (or even a snowless) afternoon, make a stop by the Heritage and Ski Museum. Wander the exhibits, attend one of the many lecture or just let the legacy of the Wood River Valley warm your soul before returning to the harsh storms of the present.



The hallowed halls of the Ski & Heritage Museum.

Current Exhibitions

Ski Museum:

The Ancient Skiers

Gretchen Fraser, Don Fraser and Jim Griffith

Sun Valley Ski Hall of Fame

10th Mountain Division of the United States Army

Warren Miller and the Art of Ski Cinematography (temporary)

The Sun Valley Story: An American Original (temporary)

Heritage Museum:

Mining in the Wood River Valley

Discovery of Elkhorn Springs: Pre Historic Native Americans in the Wood River Valley

Hemingway in Idaho

The Architecture of Gilbert Stanley Underwood and The Sun Valley Lodge

Women’s Work: Women and the Settling of the American West (temporary)



Warren Miller’s “…Like There’s No Tomorrow” at Sun Valley Opera House

Sun Valley Opera House presents:

Warren Miller’s “…Like There’s No Tomorrow”

The world’s largest action sports film announces its 62nd annual U.S. tour



  • Friday, October 28; 7pm
  • Saturday, October 29; 5pm
  • Saturday, October 29; 8pm
…Like There’s No Tomorrow is your annual reminder that winter is on its way and, with it, an adrenaline-fueled dance with gravity.

Warren Miller Pre-Screening Party at the Boiler Room

Before the Warren Miller “Wintervention” movie starts on Saturday, November 27 head over to the Boiler Room in the Sun Valley Village for a fun pre-screening party from 4:30-9pm sponsored by local radio stations KECH & KSKI. Full bar, drink specials, Classic Warren Miller movies, raffles, great prizes and snacks.

On Saturday, November 27, Wintervention starts at 6pm with another screening at 9pm at the Sun Valley Opera House. Tickets are $18.
The movie will also play on Friday, November 26 at 8pm.

Warren Miller’s Wintervention plays Sun Valley Nov. 26 & 27

No Thanksgiving holiday weekend would be complete without a Warren Miller ski movie at the Sun Valley Opera House. Wintervention starts at 8pm on Friday and 6 & 9pm on Saturday. Tickets are $18 available at the door or at Sturtevants.

On Saturday before the movie, The Boiler Room will be open from 4:30-6pm
for a pre-screening party and raffle sponsored by KECH/KSKI.

Narrated by skiing icon Jonny Moseley, Warren Miller’s Wintervention is the definitive solution for the snow-obsessed. Wintervention takes riders like Reggie Crist, Chris Davenport, Jonny Moseley and Lindsey Vonn on a global tour of Alaska, Norway, Canada, Antarctica and beyond… delivering a successful Wintervention for all of us in need. Warren Miller films attract a cult-like following and mark the official start of winter for sports enthusiasts everywhere. Warren Miller premieres are an experience, a party and a phenomenon not to be missed.

Sun Valley in Warren Miller’s “Dynasty”

Here are two short excerpts shot in Sun Valley and surrounding areas from latest ski movie, “Dynasty”.

Warren Miller’s DYNASTY Movie Premiere

Warren Miller’s DYNASTY premiers at the Sun Valley Opera House on Wednesday & Thursday, Oct. 28 & 29.
Show times are 6pm and 9pm and tickets are $18. You may purchase tickets at the Opera House door or at Sturtevants.

Don’t miss the Pre-Premiere Party in the Sun Valley Boiler Room from 4-9pm on Wednesday, Oct. 28. No cover.
$2 Corona special, full bar and appetizers. Raffles with great prizes including Sun Valley lift tickets, Sun Valley $250 Gift Certificate, Ski and Board Equipment, Soldier Mountain Season Pass and more! Raffle to be held prior to each movie show-time on Oct 28.