Epic Sun Valley Days in March

Most of our "epic ski days" in this valley come on deep powder days in December or January. Days when we wake up to one, two feet of snow and go to stand in line at the lifts for two hours until the Patrol deems it safe to ski. Then we race with the crowds to the Bowls, to the Lower Bowls, to ungroomed Christmas Ridge, or to International and Exhibition. We share our unbounded joy with fellow Chairlift riders, fellow sick-day claimers, and wear ourselves out for an entire six hours.

Come March, most of us settle into our warm, sunny, casual Spring Skiing Routine. A routine in which we enjoy the slush of the afternoon sun, beers are clinked together at the end of the day, and we no longer worry about the lack of big storms coming our way. This morning was a little different. Today, March 4, we woke up to six inches of fresh snow, with the sticks measuring nine by midday.

It might not have been the biggest dump of the year. It might have not been the best snow of the season. And some of us might not have gotten up there at nine. But somehow, some of us, managed to get an epic ski day out of this powdery March Thursday and were reminded exactly why we live here, in Sun Valley.

No, it wasn’t a huge snowfall of early season proportions. But when you start down Upper River and the clouds part, revealing blue skies above and almost untracked snow below; you smile, hoot and holler, and know that this is a snow day of epic proportions.

Good skiing, a new terrain park and more snow on its way!

We already know the skiing on Baldy is good enough to mostly ignore the weather reports and continue to ski every day. With the bumps of Upper and Mid Limelight in prime condition, the wide cruisers of Warm Springs with good coverage, the recent opening of Greyhawk lift, and Seattle Ridge looking closer and closer every day to opening, we really don’t have that much to complain about. But this morning we couldn’t help checking every report we could find. Most predict a 60%- 80% chance of snow for the next few days. Others say there is a slight chance of snow accumulation tonight and possibly 3-5 inches Monday night… But snow or not, we’ll be up there.

This was a big weekend for Sun Valley Co. In case you didn’t hear, a terrain park opened on Dollar Saturday. And it has been a massive hit so far. Skiers and boarders, both locals and tourists, kids and adults, athletes and fans, were hugely impressed by the park, the features, the quality…. Check out local tele-skier, Conor Davis’ video below for more.

And if that isn’t enough, check out the numbers. Dollar Mountain counted 634 skiers Saturday, while the five-year average for December 19th is 190. Sunday dollar counted 772 skiers, with the five-year average for December 20th being 307.

Congratulations and thanks to Sun Valley Company for making our beloved mountain even more dynamic, exciting, and appealing!

Snowing in Sun Valley!

It is snowing in Sun Valley! There is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect until Sunday and they are calling for three to five inches of new snow in the next 24 hours.

The inch of new snow that accumulated overnight on Friday made for some seriously happy skiers and boarders early Saturday morning. The soft layer of fresh snow over the machine-groomed terrain was pretty packed for most of the day, but the skiing was still good. With the opening of Ridge, Blue Grouse, and Lower College on Friday, the most snow and the most terrain of the season made for a day of soft snow, weekend-crowded slopes, and some fun turns. Lookout Express also opened to the delight of many, though plenty of cold skiers and boarders were still seen riding the Gondola to stay warm.

Ski team kids covered the mountain, amped to get the race season started. The Snow Sports School was also busy, with ski and snowboard lessons taking place all over the mountain. The mini Terrain Park on Lower River Run was packed with riders in bright jackets, tall T’s, and big pants. The lodges are busy, with kids racing to get the chocolate chip cookies in Warm Springs Lodge when the bell rings and friends crowding around the new River Run fire pit. ‘Tis the season for things to get busy and for the snow to keep falling!

Ski Patrol Weekend Update

Winter season opened on thursday and Bryant Dunn, snow safety assistant with Sun Valley Ski Patrol is back to report about weather and riding conditions on Baldy and Sun Valley area for upcoming days!